Sub-Zero Pro 48, a line of refrigerators designed for kitchens that require highly professional features and technologies

For more than 75 years, Sub-Zero has inspired the science of home refrigeration, developing products that keep food fresher and longer. Over the years, the US company has also contributed to revolutionizing kitchen design - where some details date back to the contributions of Frank Lloyd Wright - with integrated and recessed refrigeration systems that allow virtually endless configurations and aesthetic options. Its masterpiece is the refrigerator of the professional line that comes from the idea of ​​bringing back to the kitchen an appliance with aesthetic and technological characteristics that we normally find in a restaurant, A refrigerator and at the same time a piece of furniture represented by a piece in stainless steel weighing over 400 kg and characterized by a unique and inimitable design. A timeless icon equipped with innovative technology that makes it performant in refrigeration and storage, as well as in making ice, up to 3.6 kg over 24 hours thanks to the Max Ice function. An electronic microprocessor guarantees intelligent No Frost technology for constant temperature control and regulation of the defrost phases, which are activated only when necessary. Equipped with a door and two drawers for the refrigerator compartment and the same for the freezer compartment, it features a glass 'window' that allows you to look at its contents without opening the door. It has a double refrigeration system, called Dual System, consisting of two compressors that work independently: one for the refrigerator department and the other for the freezer. The triple evaporator allows you to set different temperatures in the upper section of the refrigerator and in the drawers. The result is two ideal storage environments for fresh food with the temperature visible from the outside as in a professional refrigerator.

At a glance

What is it?
It's called ICBPRO4850G and it's a refrigerator and freezer with ice maker and glass door.
What is its design concept?
Born to meet the needs of a large kitchen where a large family is hosted or there are many diners to satisfy, Pro 48 is a refrigerator designed in its aesthetics and functionality to last over time, beyond fashions.
How is it made?
Made of Aisi 304 steel both on the outside and inside to give a robust and professional design, with a UV-resistant triple glass door in the refrigerator compartment. Internal shelves in tempered glass. Before leaving the factory it is checked and tested 100%.
How it is manufactured and where?
Sub-Zero production is completely made in the USA and takes place in the Madison plants in Wisconsin. The whole process inside the factory is environmentally sustainable.
How is it realized?
Despite the great technology that characterizes it, the manufacturing process maintains an artisan touch: in fact, all the external finishes of the product are always carried out by hand by selected personnel, trained for months within the company.
Why is it special?
It is equipped with the Air Purification System, an advanced purification system invented by NASA, which reduces bacteria, odors and the amount of ethylene gas contained in some foods. The inside of the refrigerator is equipped with "Fresh Card" cards which contain useful information on the positioning of the food and on the guaranteed storage times (2 months for apples, 3 weeks for melons and lettuce, blueberries for 18 days, etc.) . Finally, the “Dual System” refrigeration system allows a better quality of food preservation and greater energy efficiency.
How is it?
Imposing, iconic, technological.