Flourish is the collection dedicated to the Tai Ping flower kingdom: hand-knotted rugs that create surprising natural effects

Flourish is simply the kingdom of flowers in all its shades of color. Poppies dancing in the wind, the frosted white buds of Iced Bouquet, the golden bells of Forsythia, the slender stems of tulips in Tulipa, the impalpable delicacy of Cherry Blossom, the elusive image of a willow glimpsed through a train window in Willow. Here are some floral images captured and reinterpreted by Tai Ping for the new Flourish collection, interpreted in ten subjects. The models, made in the size 365 x 274 cm, can be customized in dimensions and color.

The rugs are all hand-knotted by Nepalese craftsmen, who create surprising natural effects through fine gradations. The patterns and shades are handcrafted with the use of natural fibers such as Tibetan wool and Chinese silk dyed in a very wide palette of colors – the largest number in the history of Tai Ping since 1956 – making it possible to create soft, natural, evocative figures, lacking only the scent of flowers!

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of hand-knotted rugs, created to furnish the prestigious interiors of private residences.
What is the design concept?
The Flourish collection consists of 10 models of knotted carpets that together form a collection of exclusive studies of the sensuous appeal of flowers. The patterns stir the senses through movement, color and subtle nuances. Echoing explorations in contemporary photography, art and fashion, these rugs draw inspiration from the elusive beauty of flowers.
How are they made?
The best natural fibers are used for these rugs: Tibetan wool and Chinese silk.
How are they produced and where?
Tai Ping rugs are hand-knotted by expert craftsmen active in workshops in Nepal and are shipped from here around the world.
How are they created?
Hand-knotted rugs require long years of experience. From the earliest stages of coloring to spinning and then knotting. The fully integrated craft process guarantees total control of the whole process to ensure unparalleled quality.
What makes them special?
For each model in this collection, a huge number of colors have been used and this makes the collection unique and different from past examples, which also used a large number of colors to create soft shapes. But never until now had such a wide range been available in a single collection.
What is it like?
Floral, figurative, sensuous.