Argo, the complete outdoor collection designed by ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati for Talenti

Inspired by the theme of the wooden chest, the Argo collection, created by ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati for the Talenti brand, presents a clean, geometric style, featuring broad side bands supporting the cushions and making the seat deep and welcoming. With this contrivance, Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba decided to combine sled feet, so magically suspending its sculptural forms and the perfect harmony of its proportions. The collection is enriched with an enveloping interlacing volume and distinctive wooden feet that relate perfectly to the other elements in the line.

Argo is a family of products made up of sofas, poufs, eclectic seating, tables and beds with a contemporary impact. As for the materials, the choice fell on wood, the living material par excellence, in its most modern version: accoya, capable of adapting in unique, chameleonic ways to outdoor spaces. The shapes and materials combine perfectly with a delicate range of colors such as beige, white, dark grey and ocean blue and help create a product that blends with its setting while retaining a strong and independent character.
The collection is significantly inspired by the planking of the Argos, the ancient, mythical ship that sailed amid the Greek islands in the quest for the golden fleece.

At a glance

What is it ?
A complete collection of sofas, armchairs and accessories, which relates a warm material such as wood in its various finishes to other materials such as upholstery, interlacing and fabrics. Argo can be described as a complete scenario, combining different materials with geometric rigor, generous volumes and sensuously interlacing form
What is the design concept?
To create not just a furnishing solution, but a true environment in which different outdoor materials, the warmest and most natural, coexist in a free association of volumes and forms, neither too rigorous nor too organic.
How is it made?
The structure is made of rustic accoya wood in the shades of natural timber and rosewood. The weave is in technical textile cord, to enhance the tactile qualities of the volumes fully supported by a completely recyclable aluminum core. The outdoor upholstery comes in a range of textile variants and is enriched with decorative cushions.
How is it produced and where?
The collection showcases the versatility of the Talenti company and its Italian skills, bringing out its ability to select different materials and assemble them effectively.
How is it manufactured?
The manufacture of Argo ranges from the thick weave to the careful fabrication of aluminum and wood, all finished and assembled by hand.
What makes it special?
Firstly the fact that a single collection embodies completely different styles and signs, enhancing the freedom and versatility achieved by the outdoor collections. Then its completeness, combined with the complexity of the feelings it conveys, creating furnishings capable of endowing outdoor furnishings with a style previously found only indoors.
What is it like?
Versatile, multi-material, sensuous.
In the designer’s own words
“This collection represents us profoundly in our twofold being, with male and female coexisting in the same line. It is this dualism that we feel is key, because in some way it represents the everyday life of us all.”