Technogym Bike, the bike that takes you to work out wherever you want: New York, London, Milan...

The very thing for the lockdown! Technogym Bike, the newest addition to the Italian fitness and wellbeing giant, is not only a bike but a connected system for ever changing personalized workouts. Technogym Bike gives you access to live-streamed classes at fitness clubs around the world or on-demand courses, posted on a huge library constantly expanded and updated. This is the latest breakthrough from Technogym. After changing the design rules for fitness equipment, taking them to another level of technology and usability, now it is entering the world of content. And acting to guarantee its quality. The library of fitness classes has been carefully selected and is continually updated with contents developed by fitness studios in various cities around the world: today Revolution from Virgin Active in Milan and 1Rebel in London. In future, content developed directly by Technogym and other fitness studios in Europe, the United States and Asia will also become available.

In addition, the bike offers fitness fans scientific tracking of their power output in watts. Just one touch is needed to find the ideal handlebar and saddle positions. The flywheel resistance system comes equipped with the sturdiest permanent neodymium magnets for a smooth and regular ride. This is an innovative product that combines numerous disciplines including biomechanics, electronics, digital technologies and media content production.

At a glance

What is it?
Technogym Bike is the new exercise bike that offers on-demand videos of spinning lessons from master trainers at the best fitness studios around the world on the console. Users can choose lessons from a rich library based on their preferred trainer, duration, difficulty level, music and language.
What is the design concept?
After product innovations and digital technologies, Technogym enters the world of content with a product that combines the best of fitness equipment with a library of courses updated every week in collaboration with fitness studios around the world.
How is it made?
The biomechanics are developed by the Technogym Research Center, which has collaborated for years with leading universities and outstanding sports champions around the world. The bike offers users scientific tracking of their power developed in watts and great ease of use with its on-the-fly adjustment system. Find the ideal position of the handlebar and saddle at a touch. The resistance system of the flywheel comes equipped with the sturdiest permanent neodymium magnets for smooth and regular pedaling. The intuitive graphics and the knob with tactile feedback every 45 degrees facilitate the adjustment of the 20 resistance levels.
How is it produced and where?
It is produced at the Technogym Village at Cesena. It is a product completely made in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
The bike is developed from a mix of skills including biomechanics, electronics, digital technologies and production of media content.
What makes it special?
The real innovation lies in having available, both live and on-demand, a large number of regularly updated classes, accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, directly on the display. Technogym Bike is not just group cycling, but also offers total body workout experiences, thanks to the handlebars integrated into the bike and dedicated video content.
What is it like?
Effective, engaging, fun.