Argent, designed by Dodo Arslan, combines traditional craftsmanship with lighting technologies for the future

Like a sparkling cloud, Argent, designed by Dodo Arslan and produced by Terzani in nickel and gold finishes, is now also made in rose gold and champagne finishes. The peculiarity of Argent are the metal discs, hand-modeled by the artisans, which create infinite compositions. Once lit, the slanted surfaces of the discs give off a soft, shimmering, precious glow. It is no coincidence that Argent is part of the Terzani "PreciousDesign" collection characterized by cutting-edge technology, craftsmanship, precious materials and the dialogue between the internal design team with designers such as Dodo Arslan, Nicolas Terzani, Franziska Hinze and Nigel Coates among the others. The result is sculpture-objects that transform the surrounding space thanks to the effects of light and shadow, in continuous movement and in balance between past and present, between art, craftsmanship and design.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a suspension lamp designed for a demanding public.
What is the design concept?
Inspired by the lightness of the clouds, Argent fits into any context like a sparkling presence.
How is it made and from what materials?
The structure is entirely in metal, folded by hand, modeled like a tailored suit, and is illuminated by an innovative LED technology.
How is it produced?
Argent is produced by Terzani master craftsmen.
How is it manufactured?
Laser technology and craftsmanship.
What makes it special?
The possibility of creating practically infinite compositions, without limits of continuity, with intriguing plays of light and shadow.
How is it?
Sparkling, radiant, seductive.
In the designer’s own words
"Let us be seduced by the lightness of the clouds."