As the new art director of Tonellidesign, Massimo Castagna designs three products, has created the new catalog and introduces new materials alongside glass, for which the company is famous

“In Tonelli I found experience, the excellence in glass processing in all its forms, the possibility of extending its use, to force the utilization, express several personalities going beyond common ways” says Massimo Castagna “it is a great world to explore with several expressional and technical potentialities”.

Massimo Castagna, as the new artistic director of Tonellidesign, in addition to having signed three products, has created a new catalog The New Modernism also involving other designers. Among the novelties, the introduction of new materials to support glass, such as marble, wood and metals, to expand and increase the functionality of the furnishing solutions offered.

After9 is the collection of cocktail and side tables with a light and minimal metal structure and contrasting finishes. The tops in organic shape made of glass, wood or marble allows for dynamic and original combinations and aggregations.

Bookcase Hemingway with wooden structure, made of uprights and beams, can be fixed to the wall or to the ceiling. It can house horizontal storage units with flap door and vertical storage units with hinge door, made of glass and wood.

Of great impact, the Hyperion lamp collection is characterized by cubic shape and rounded glass elements and metal frame, available in polished chrome, polished gold or polished gunmetal finish.

A look at the past and an eye on the future, that is the Tonellidesign’s philosophy.

Glass is a material belonging to human history since more than five thousand years: it is eco-sustainable and resistant and amazes with its unique gifts of transparency and lightness. The know-how acquired by the company has given life over the years to elegant and original furnishings. But Tonelli is also research, experimentation, evolution. Thanks to the cooperation with Massimo Castagna, the brand confirms the union of tradition and technology to investigate new ways of living, in order to offer increasingly sophisticated and dynamic products, able to respond promptly to contemporary needs in constant change.