True design tells Interni: "we are a young company, not only for the average age of the employees and founders, but also for the design visions and types of investments that distinguish us"

Creating dynamic, versatile and pleasant working environments to experience is much more than a simple business for True Design, but also the way of living your everyday life.

It is no coincidence that their payoff is “Extraordinary. Everyday”, a motto that teaches us to look for beauty in everything, in the details but also in the environment that surrounds us, in a moment of pause or in a new project to be carried out.

This is how the 'True' lines were born, with the aim of increasingly seeking beauty in the pleasure of the things of everyday life, not in the excess of fashions and surprises to arouse.

An example of this is the Nomade collection by the Italian-Swiss designer Luciano Dell'Orefice: a versatile product, perfect for both domestic and contract environments, with great sensitivity to the theme of sustainability and at the same time light and playful.

he designer describes his family thus: “Humble and light, the collection of Nomade wooden tables is inspired by Japanese culture, where the essential becomes naturally agile.

Its playful language invites us to move, adapting to spaces and composing ourselves according to the random needs that each situation presents to us.

A versatile family of tables, based on a single plywood profile that allows for a reduction in components and operations for efficient, ethical and sustainable production.”

And from tables, stools and different variations of shapes and colors to compose the home or work space like a square in which to meet.

And from the wood processing, in which the company has increasingly specialized, boasting decades of experience, the ergonomic E-quo family was also born: a matching high table to a multi-seater wooden seat, halfway between a bench to sit on and a fence to lean on for a short recharging break.

A new way of living a passage space, transforming a corridor into a meeting room or a hall into an operational and recreational place, with particular attention to contemporary ergonomics which provides quick supports, surfaces equipped with rechargeable sockets and ports, the possibility of improvising your own operating space anywhere.

To make not only every day, but also every moment, extraordinary in its simplicity.