Wing by Parisotto+Formenton: the table becomes the heart of the kitchen workspace

The Wing family of tables, designed for True Design by Parisotto+Formenton is conceived as a hybrid collection for living between work and domestic spaces. Today it embraces a new environment, the kitchen. The design is highly recognizable with its trestle structure, lightweight surface and central groove for organizing accessories. This enables it to be enriched with new features: a strip lamp, condiment bowls or a shelving system. In the Wing Kitchen project, created in partnership with Frigo 2000, a front is equipped  for the preparation and cooking phases – with hobs, sink, oven and storage elements – while the rest is a clear surface for tasting, eating working and much else. Its lightness, among Wing’s original distinctive features, is not compromised by the addition of the lower container elements, which are suspended off the ground, leaving the perception of it as a worktable unchanged. The project, complete with the latest generation appliances, is designed to become the heart of the room in which it is placed, a catalyst for socializing and convivial activities. Here it is in the designers’ own words: “Wing Kitchen was created in 2019, before the pandemic generated by coronavirus broke out. We immediately judged it a useful and innovative product, but we never imagined that the living conditions in workspaces would change so drastically and so in line with what we were designing.”

At a glance

What is it?
Wing Kitchen grew out of one of our best-selling products, the multitasking Wing table. From being a work desk or conference table it has been hybridized into an unconventional but fully functional kitchen.
What is your design concept?
Wing Kitchen is conceived as the heart of the workspace. It brings together all the cooking activities into a single central object as the centerpiece of each activity.
How it is made and from what materials?
The lightweight structure is inspired by trestle worktables and has a top shaped like a “bar of soap”, with beveled and rounded forms. The legs are in painted steel and the multilayer top is lined with Fenix.
How it is produced and where?
The project is wholly produced in Italy, from the hand-crafting of the special pieces to standardized production.
How is it manifactured?
As the evolution of one of our long engineered products, we managed to fully standardize production.
What is its added value?
Its multitasking versatility is combined with aesthetic and functional lightness: a slender table, yet capable of serving as a fully equipped kitchen.
What is it like?
Light, convivial, multitasking.