T-Time is a sofa characterized by rigorous lines and generous dimensions, which by contrast seems to float on two aluminum skids with a "T" section

Matteo Ragni signs a new system of modular sofas for Twils Better Living, the new Twils line dedicated to the living room with a wide collection of upholstery and accessories. T-Time is the name of the system, an acronym composed of the initials of “Twils Timeless”, to indicate the timeless style and beyond the fashions that characterize the Ragni project. The T-Time sofas stand out for their square lines and generous volumes; the body of the sofa is supported by two T-shaped metal sliding feet. Geometry of the lines and formal sobriety are combined with a high level of seat comfort and high sustainability of the production process. Each element of the sofa expresses attention to this aspect, starting from the fact that all materials are 100% recyclable: the frame is in multilayer and solid poplar and fir guaranteed by Pefc (woods from forests managed in an eco-sustainable manner and certified with regular checks by independent inspectors); the frame is upholstered in velveteen coupled with the upper armrest in goose down; the feet are in recycled aluminum. The padding is made with products derived from the circular economy, recycled or natural; in particular, the seats have four different densities of aquatech polyurethane (an innovative foam obtained by mixing polymers and water) with a goose down cap, while the backrest is in a mix of goose down and polyester fiber. Springing is guaranteed by natural rubber elastic straps with polypropylene thread insertion.

At a glance

What is it?
It is a new modular seating system that Matteo Ragni has designed for Twils Better Living. T-Time stands for "Twils Timeless".
What is the design concept?
A timeless sofa, with rigorous lines and generous dimensions, which by contrast seems to float lightly, balanced on two T-section aluminum runners.
How is it made?
The frame is in plywood and solid poplar and fir, the padding is made with products derived from the circular economy. All the materials used are 100% recyclable.
How is it produced and where?
All Twils products are made in the Cessalto plant with the collaboration of suppliers located a few kilometers away, according to the criteria of the short supply chain.
How is it manufactured?
Craftsmanship, technology and design.
What makes it special?
It responds 100% to the need for sustainability with a conscious use of resources.
How is it?
Comfortable, timeless, sustainable.
In the designer’s own words
“A promise for a timeless product, capable of expressing its value beyond fashion, for a new and current concept of sustainability”.