Touch Down Unit (TDU) by Studio Klass: furniture for the new generation of freelancers

The events we are experiencing firsthand have changed many people’s lifestyle and way of working in just a few weeks. Suddenly it seems evident that working from home can have a big impact on productivity, while creating the right environment in the home makes significantly  for a satisfying professional experience. Touch Down Unit, designed by Studio Klass for Unifor, fits perfectly into this new paradigm, being capable of creating a complete workstation in an extremely  confined space: 80 cm when closed. Being  movable, it adapts to continuous changes of layout, while the possibility to move the top and regulate its height makes it easy to work ergonomically and comfortably from any position: chair, armchair, stool or even  standing up. The unit is fitted with a rechargeable battery with a daily cycle and comes equipped with electric and USB sockets to power electronic devices. It is  not only a unit to work from using any equipment necessary, such as a laptop or phone, but also a service module which can be used for storing work materials when closed, so keeping the house tidy. To facilitate its movement, TDU is fitted with castors and a practical pull-out handle positioned on the vertical upright, so making it easy to transport.

At a glance

What is it? 
Touch Down Unit is a mobile work station designed for everyone who wants a small space devoted to work in the home.
What is the design concept?
The project has been designed and modeled around the needs and requirements of the single individual who, depending on the different kinds of work performed, use it seated, standing or moving.
How is it made?
It has a metal structure with a base to which is attached the upright that houses the worktop in wood, glass and laminate. Vertical and horizontal slides make it easy to adjust the height and position.
How is it produced and where?
The product is completely made in Italy, partly at the company’s facility at Turate (Como, Italy) and partly with the support of the historic network of suppliers that the brand has always worked with.
How is it manufactured?
It is an innovative product produced through a set of sophisticated technologies previously developed by the company for bespoke projects.
What makes it so special?
TDU is not a simple exercise in form but a project that provides a timely and original response to a highly specific need.
What is it like?
Multitasking, discreet, autonomous.
In the designers’ own words
"We imagined Touch Down Unit as a twofold solution, capable of being a temporary workstation equipped with everything needed for smart working and at the same time a restrained, minimalist object that fits perfectly into the home.”