TLine, the new outdoor collection by Adam D. Tihany for Unopiù, merges tradition and modernity

TLine, the new collection of outdoor furniture in white or graphite aluminum born from the collaboration between Unopiù and the designer Adam D. Tihany, recalls some elements of memory revisited in a contemporary key. On the one hand, it binds to the imagination of typical 1950s outdoor furniture. On the other, its sophisticated design, the soft curves and the delicacy of the openwork motif look to the future, blending the traditional philosophy of the brand with design innovation. The result is a light, graceful and harmonious collection characterized by a fine decorative pattern which, in addition to enhancing its forms, also reduces the absorption of heat, facilitating drainage. An exclusive hookable system of comfortable cushions, available in a wide range of fabrics and colors, guarantees the possibility of customizing the pieces.

Suitable for the most diverse uses, from public to private, TLine finds its ideal setting in a Mediterranean garden, outside a brasserie or even in the outdoor area of ​​a boutique hotel.

At a glance

What is it?
A complete collection of outdoor furniture for residential and contract use, consisting of two different types of chairs, a bar stool, an armchair, two tables, a cot and a 2 or 3-seater sofa.
What is its design concept?
The collection combines tradition and future: the typically industrial material structure of aluminum merges with soft and supple lines typical of the handmade laces of the past.
How is it made and with what materials?
In white or graphite aluminum with perforated patterns, which enhances the shapes, reduces heat absorption and facilitates drainage.
How is it produced and where?
TLine is made in Italy and produced by hand.
How is it made?
Artisan technique, with the use of machinery for processing and finishing.
What is special about it?
The use of a light material such as aluminum and peculiar characteristics that make it excellent for use in the contract sector: lightness, portability, resistance to atmospheric agents, potential use both indoors and outdoors, possibility of special colors on large quantities.
What is it like?
Poetic, graceful, harmonious.
In the words of the designer
"TLine is inspired by the motifs of embroidery and traditional weaving, blending them with the typically industrial material structure of aluminum and with soft and sinuous lines reminiscent of those of handmade lace. The final result is an elegant outdoor collection that captures the poetry of the light and shadows."