Genziana, designed by Bruna Vaccher in collaboration with Valdesign: a kitchen that combines tradition and modernity

Designed by Bruna Vaccher for Valdesign, in collaboration with the company's technical office, Genziana is characterized by the door made up of a metal perimeter frame that frames a smaller panel. In addition to defining the position of the groove opening (side or top), the panel can be placed in different ways, offering the designer the possibility of obtaining multiple graphic configurations. The different colors of the powder finish of the frame, combined with the numerous variants of the panel (aluminum, wood, lacquered, melamine), allow you to play on the visual depth of the groove, reducing or amplifying the presence of the frame. The Genziana frame structure allows great versatility and adaptability to space. Wall units and columns can be customized with different heights, widths and depths (columns up to 300 cm), also offering the possibility of visually integrating the kitchen with the wall, thus creating a continuous boiserie with the covering. According to the project managers, "Genziana is a product that interprets the traditional frame kitchen in a new version, in which technology and materials have a very distinct and clear interpretation, while blending together to interpret variants with which it is possible to customize the design by the various graphic combinations. Materials and finishes complete the creative process ".

At a glance

What is it?
It is a versatile and functional kitchen system, whose formal essentiality does not exclude a very precise aesthetic and technical research.
What is the design concept?
Genziana tells of a minimalism that is never abstraction or absence. The details of the doors and tops are a concession to decoration as an essential part of the design.
How is it made and from what materials?
The frame is in metal, the panel is available in many variants (aluminum, wood, lacquered, melamine), the door has a 28 mm thick metal profile.
How is it produced and where?
Genziana is 100% made in Italy.
How is it manufactured?
Highly technological systems that allow the company to manage resources, costs and consumption in an optimal way for the benefit of sustainability and product quality.
What makes it special?
Definitely the door, technically and formally very innovative.
How is it?
Free, sophisticated, super functional.