Velux GPU Integra window with vasistas opening for a wide view to the outside

The Velux Integra GPU window has a double manual pivot opening and an electric transom window. It is made of heat-treated wood with a seamless polyurethane coating that does not require maintenance. In addition to the EPS shaped panels, a special Tmt heat-treated wood was used, which contains 50% less water and insulates 24% more than traditional wood; the external covering is in gray aluminum. It is designed for the installation of manual, electric or solar shutters and blinds. The vasistas opening is 45 ° and guarantees a wide view to the outside; the window can also be tilted 180 ° to facilitate cleaning the external glass directly from inside the house. Like all Velux roof windows, it is equipped with a control and ventilation bar, to ensure healthy air circulation even when it rains. The filter leaves dust and insects out and is equipped with a sensor that automatically closes the window at the first drops of rain. It is compatible with Velux Active, the intelligent system that manages and improves the indoor climate of the house thanks to sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

Velux Gpu Integra with vasistas opening

At a glance

What is it?
GPU Integra is a roof window, with a vasistas opening towards the outside, which can also be controlled remotely via an app. It is equipped with a rain sensor that closes it automatically when necessary.
What is the design concept?
The goal was to create a window that had a double opening, which had a long life cycle and was easy to use.
How is it made and from what materials?
The window has a heat-treated wood core and a white polyurethane coating, made in a single mold and without joints. 99.5% of the wood used comes from certified sustainable forests in which a careful reforestation policy is implemented.
How is it produced and where?
Velux windows are made in Europe, in certified production plants. The search for quality is one of Velux's main priorities: all products are subjected to various tests to refine and optimize their characteristics and performance in extreme climatic conditions and thus guarantee durability and performance over time.
How is it manufactured?
Both the fabric and the glass part are subjected to tightness and durability tests in order to meet the highest quality standards.
What makes it special?
The presence of an electric bottom hinged opening guarantees practicality of use and a view towards the outside without equal in the market. The polyurethane coating is one of a kind.
How is it?
Versatile, contemporary, unique.