Versace and its new creative vision are represented by the new collection in which the Versace Venus armchair stands out

Versace’s DNA, with its iconic colors, prints and symbols is revisited in a modern way and translat-ed in the world of furniture. The unmistakable genius of the brand is proposed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and outdoor spaces. Versace Home’s partnership with Lifestyle Design further enhances this vision where recognizable design, incredible savoir-faire and years of furniture crea-tion come together. The spirit of the new collection is contained in the Versace Venus armchair. Featuring a soft black leather cover, Venus is adorned with a plaque depicting the unmistakable symbol of the Maison: the head of Medusa.

At a glance

What is it?
The Versace Venus armchair is a tribute to Versace ready-to-wear and accessories.
What its design concept?
The asymmetrical design embellished with a sparkling zip positioned on the back, is dedicated to the feminine identity. The gold steel finishes are a reference to the brand’s inclination towards hardware. Versace Venus was designed taking inspiration from the supermodels who dressed the wonders of Versace dresses, sinuosity with regard to shapes that are also found in the position of the seat.
How and where is it manufactured?
Like all Versace products, Versace Venus is produced entirely in Italy by selected artisans, experts in tradi-tional processes but able to blend them with the most innovative technologies.
What makes it special?
The swivel mechanism, inserted inside a narrow and sinuous shape, allows a 360-degree rotation movement.