A contemporary concept for kitchen production and sales

The kitchens from Very Simple Kitchen are made by combining lightweight stainless steel modules obtained with laser cutting and sheet bending technologies. Such processes enable welding to be minimized, while the profiles are joined with stainless steel bolts. The components are of different types, making it possible to configure a kitchen that adapts to the most diverse spatial requirements. The coloring of the various modules is very varied and, as a result of years of research, the choice of pigments can be personalized to guarantee an unlimited color palette. The kitchens are powder coated, a typical heavy metalwork technique that guarantees the toughest finish possible on metal components. And Very Simple Kitchen’s research is not limited to optimizing the kitchen structure, but extends to all the other components, so that the worktops are available in treated birch plywood, quartz and stainless steel as well as porcelain stoneware, Veneziana, Fenix and concrete. This is Riccardo Randi’s statement: “Today design is a combination of product, communication and production linked by essential interconnections. Very Simple Kitchen is the ideal example of a System-Product. For this reason, not finding a brand capable of valorizing the project on the market, I realized it had to be created from scratch, and decided to launch the startup together with my two partners. Our goal is to become a leader in online kitchen sales in the coming years. This is why we are investing heavily in the configurator, which will enable you to design your own kitchen, test different solutions, choose the most suitable modules and the best color for your space in just five minutes.”

At a glance

What is it?
A modular system of stainless steel kitchens that makes for an almost infinite customization of colors and finishes. It is a “nomadic” kitchen, which can be put together and taken apart very simply.
What is the design concept?
The project is inspired by the classic industrial workbench from which it borrows shapes, materials and functions to reinterpret them in the kitchen environment.
What is it made of?
The supporting structure is in stainless steel and all the pieces of the system are designed to be simply screwed together, making assembly very fast. The customer can decide whether to buy the modules in plain steel or powder painted in one of the endless range of colors available. The worktops vary from more technical materials (such as Inox or Fenix) to more natural materials (marble or treated wood).
How is it produced and where?
Very Simple Kitchen uses laser cutting and industrial folding technology. Production is 100% made in Italy. The brand collaborates with several suppliers, has succeeded in creating its own production flow by devising an industrial product with an attractive design.
How is it made?
Very Simple Kitchen grew out of the union between two worlds, artisanal and industrial. For this reason, the skills needed to carry out the project are varied. The company was inspired by the industrial world in the optimization and schematization of the components, while it adopted the attention to detail and the possibility of customizing the product as needed from the world of craft skills.
What is its added value?
Communication is a strong point. Very Simple Kitchen is one of the few kitchen companies capable of taking advantage of digital channels for direct customer interaction. It has a niche product with local production but is designed to be shipped worldwide.
What is it like?
Flexible, durable, customizable.