Heritage by This Weber for Very Wood

Awareness of the needs for ergonomics and comfort that, with age, become increasingly important, does not make for a very sexy narrative. Yet making age-friendly objects is an increasingly pressing priority. For some time Very Wood has been devoting attention to this theme, to which it dedicates the Wise collection, including Heritage, a collection of chairs designed by This Weber. Consisting of a dining armchair, lounge armchair and bergère armchair, Heritage combines important features to enhance usability, comfort and ergonomics with a high aesthetic value. For instance, close attention has been paid to the point of attachment between the legs and the seat frame. Thanks to an innovative joint inserted in its full thickness, it ensures the whole chair is extremely sturdy. In addition, the distinctively enveloping form of the backrest, especially in the lounge armchair and bergère, guarantees extreme seating comfort and conveys timeless elegance, brought out further by the perfect adherence of the fabric to the backrest ensured by careful craftsmanship. There are many structural and design elements designed for the well-being of the user: such as the ergonomics of the padded armrests, the study of the lateral headrest or the density of the seat and back. Heritage has also been designed to meet the needs of the luxury hotel sector, for fine restaurant interiors and cruise ship furnishings.

At a glance

What is it?
An age-friendly seating collection that interprets the needs of a generation of people who have a greater need for ergonomics and comfort. It consists of a dining chair, lounge chair and bergère chair.
What is the design concept?
To combine outstanding ergonomics and comfort, which have to meet the needs and requirements of the elderly, with an elegant aesthetic.
How it is made?
It is made of ash wood and the seat and backrest have enhanced padding; the front of the seat is rounded for comfort and prolonged use. The armrests are padded for a more comfortable support. The lateral headrest allows for greater rest and relaxation.
How is it produced and where?
Heritage is the result of a profound harmony between machine fabrication and hand crafting, between serial processes and specific, customized solutions, calibrated to the unique characteristics of each intervention, space and environment. Completely made in Italy in Friuli.
How is it manufactured?
All of Very Wood’s output is aimed at the contract sector. Its seats are therefore subjected to the structural shocks due to constant, intense and long-lasting use. Particularly with Heritage, great attention was paid to the point of attachment between the legs and the seat frame. Thanks to an innovative joint inserted in the full thickness of the frame, it ensures the whole chair is extremely sturdy.
What makes it special?
It is a collection of seating that takes into account structural and design elements that are crucial for the well-being of those who will use them: the height of the seat – removable on all models for greater ease of cleaning – the dimensions and ergonomics of the armrests, the density of the rubber in the seat and back, the search for specific fabrics, always with particular attention to design.
What is it like?
Elegant, comfortable, enveloping.
Comment by the art director, Matteo Ragni
“Unfortunately, the world of design has paid little attention to age-friendly furnishings. We have combined functionality and comfort with an elegant aesthetic. To be able to meet the needs of people that some call the elderly. But we prefer to call them the wise.”