The architectural volumes of the Montparnasse sofa designed by Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini designed Montparnasse for the Beauty collection from Visionnaire, a sofa designed as a formal synthesis of linear forms and softness. Creating an indissoluble link between beauty and functionality, the designer focused on the aggregation of clearly legible elements: a composition with an elegant architectural rigor, markedly horizontal lines and low, clearly defined volumes. The sofa embodies echoes of modernism with rationalist overtones. Also available in a modular version, a manually adjustable tilt mechanism enables the sofa to transform the end of the backrest into a head rest and frees the bolster to maximize comfort.

A striking stylistic feature is the lateral metal band that supports the armrest, formally repeated in the aluminum feet. The graphic rhythm of the leather webbing that marks the metal structure at the base with allusions to saddlery also contributes to the overall image of elegance and a harmonious textured quality. Made in Italy, largely hand crafted, Montparnasse reveals Visionnaire's ability to create exclusive luxury in the details and the sartorial quality of the high-end upholstery.

At a glance

What is it?
Montparnasse is a sofa – also available in a modular version, armchair or day bed without a backrest – embellished with details of fine craftsmanship and intended for a sophisticated clientele.
What is the design concept?
Complex, harmonious configurations based on horizontal, linear volumes with echoes of modernist architecture and rationalist overtones are combined with refined, high-quality upholstery. The armrests are characterized by a metal plate at the side with two extremities inserted in the cushions: this ensures that the armrest padding adheres to that of the seat, optimizing comfort for informal day&night use.
How is it made?
The sofa, upholstered in leather or fabric, has a wooden frame sprung with elastic webbing. The aluminum feet are attached to a metal frame with a rounded section, decorated around its perimeter with leather straps. The backrest is made of solid wood and plywood padded with high density polyurethane foam. The headrest can be reclined manually. The seat cushions and armrests are in polyurethane, Memory Foam® and goose down.
How is it produced and where?
It is hand-crafted in Italy.
What makes it special?
The wooden base is surrounded by a metal structure marked by leather elements that create an elegantly Afro striped effect and also convey the idea of ​​saddlery. The feet are made of plate metal in the same material as the armrest supports.
What is it like?
Elegant, harmonious, sophisticated.
In the designer’s own words
The sofa creates a dialogue between voids and solids, between the volumes of the upholstery and the metal structure: precisely that balance between opposites that I have sought in my work.