Suite is Vismaravetro's glass and aluminum wall system designed by Castiglia Associati. It defines the shower and the sanitary area in a single solution, for the home and hotel sector

The modules of the Vismaravetro, Suite series, designed by Castiglia Associati, are characterized by clear and essential lines, ideal for creating the traditional structure of spaces with flexibility, arranging them freely and creatively according to specific needs and requirements. The modular system includes fixed panels and aluminum and glass doors up to 270 cm high, whose hinges with 180 ° opening allow to increase the range of applications and the comfort of use. A system that allows new and original configurations whose level of technical innovation allows to reach high performance and aesthetic standards.

Suite can be made in 10 mm monolithic tempered glass, or in laminated safety glass (4 + 4 mm), with the possibility of interposing metal or colored plastic meshes. The aluminum frame is equipped with anodized or enamelled finishes which can be combined with numerous variations of glass. Suite also provides the opportunity to create custom solutions, with project specifications. Furthermore, it can be customized by choosing between two types of handles. The standard one is round. The handle structure, in soft touch plastic material, is embellished with a central aluminum insert in the same finish as the frame. The optional handle is linear and made from extruded aluminum. Fixed to the door frame, it recalls the same finish as the structure.

At a glance

What is it?
Suite is a modular system with fixed doors and panels, made of glass and aluminum frame. Flexible and versatile, it ensures designers' compositional freedom, delimiting bathroom areas and environments
What is its design concept?
Suite allows you to imagine new housing solutions and to make the architectural project evolve starting from the interiors, both in the hotel sector and in domestic situations. It was born from Castiglia Associati's look at the world of hotels which, from the comparison with Vismaravetro, finds an innovative answer to create coordinated solutions between the watertight space partition elements.
How is it made?
The fixed panels and doors in aluminum and glass, with 180 ° opening, can take on different configurations to divide the shower area separated from the sanitary ware, organize the different areas of the house, rethink the niches and hidden spaces. The height of the module reaches 270 cm with the possibility of going further with completion elements.
How is it produced and where?
Vismaravetro means research and design, also for the definition of exclusive components, with the production of the product in its own premises: the glass factory is based in Giussano, the showroom shower enclosures and the commercial offices in Verano Brianza.
How is it made?
In 10 mm thick monolithic tempered glass or in laminated safety glass (4 + 4 mm), with interlayers of valuable elements and materials that favor the customization of the system and can satisfy different areas of taste. Vismaravetro's specific expertise - for watertight closure solutions - is the element from which the project started, coming to define interesting transversal elements with respect to a wider use of the environments.
Why is it special?
The strength of Suite is the proposal of a single watertight solution: performance, it combines the ability to customize thanks to the combination of sizes, profiles, crystals. The possibility of aesthetic customization of the system is an important plus, with the use of materials such as aluminum and crystal treated in a reliable and advanced way, for an elegant and exclusive aesthetic result: flexible in applications and light to the eye, the system combines materials with different physical and perceptive properties, associating the pure transparency of the glass with the linearity of the thin aluminum profiles.
How is it?
Flexible, elegant, light
In the designer's words
"Suite was born from a look at the hotel world, in search of coordinated solutions between the doors of shower cubicles, sanitary areas or other technical areas. A modular system based on the insertion in the space of a regulating element, capable of dealing with the complex variety of actions, styles and intended uses of the environments. Vismaravetro's specific technical expertise is intertwined with our architectural vision and our design transversality ".