Fusiontec, an extremely innovative material, designed by WMF for high performance in the kitchen

The search for quality in the kitchen, to be complete, must not stop at the ingredients, but also include the use of tools capable of enhancing them to the fullest. WMF, a German brand specializing in kitchen products and appliances, in 2018 patented and launched the innovative Fusiontec material. The lines made in Fusiontec are indestructible, hygienic and particularly resistant to scratches and abrasions. The perfect fusion of steel and natural minerals guarantees maximum performance and is ideal for long cooking, thanks to the excellent thermal conduction capacity that allows it to retain heat for a long time, distributing it evenly. The Fusiontec Functional range, which includes pots, pans and casseroles, is equipped with a glass lid with a silicone ring that allows liquids to be held like a normal lid, as well as to pour them completely or in a controlled manner. It is also suitable for all hobs (including induction or glass ceramic), is scratch-resistant, rust-proof and does not alter the flavor of food.

At a glance

What is it?
WMF Fusiontec is a highly resistant material that can last over time without giving in to wear.
How is it made?
Fusiontec is made through a particularly complex procedure. Multiple layers of natural minerals are individually applied to a steel core, through fusion processes at very high temperatures that allow the creation of a single inseparable material.
Where is it made?
It is a Made in Germany product with a 30 year guarantee.
Why is it special?
An ever new material that embodies the benefits of steel and cast iron. Like steel, it is dishwasher safe, non-porous and therefore highly hygienic, like cast iron it is able to perfectly distribute heat over the entire surface.
How is it?
Resistant, indestructible, hygienic