SpaceMakers Zalf by R&S Zalf and Roberto Gobbo, When the storage unit, like an architectural element, organizes the space instead of occupying it

Space  Makers  designed by R&D Zalf and Roberto Gobbo  for Zalf,  is a system that includes three types of wardrobes and four different walk-in wardrobes, designed to solve diversified containment requirements  and   redefine the  living  space.

The structures of SpaceMakers lend themselves to being used as dividing walls which conceal the  containers within them.  In this way, new passages can be created to divide the space or separate the areas of a room without the need for vertical partitions.  The SpaceMakers are retro-finished elements that can be placed back to back and are freely combinable with different modules and functions.  The doors can be  hinged, sliding  or  coplanar.  The  walk-in wardrobes are designed  in the variants with load-bearing side panels, rack with and without infill panel,  or with  wall or ceiling mounting.  For total design freedom, by combining multiple types to create new arrangements within your space, without having to resort to masonry work and at the same time use them as containment elements.  A unique solution to resolve two needs expressed in the definition that the  SpaceMakers  designers  have  chosen:    design that generates space.  In this way the storage unit becomes an architectural element and changes its paradigm: it organizes the space instead of occupying it.

At a glance

What is it?
SpaceMakers is a new versatile container system that enables you to provide the answers to multiple types of housing. It can also be used as a room divider to redesign interiors.
What is the design concept?
SpaceMakers comprises furnishing systems that become architectural structures to be used in all areas of the house to create new dwelling schemes. These structures enclose storage elements, often multi-functional, to meet the needs of contemporary living.
How is it made?
Three new wardrobe systems to which are added four combinable walk-in wardrobe systems compatible in finishes and dimensions, depth and height. The closures may be hinged, sliding or coplanar. The walk-in wardrobes come with the following solutions: load-bearing side panels, rack with or without infill panels, pole with wall or ceiling mounting.
How is it produced and where?
SpaceMakers is fully made in Italy at the Zalf facility at Maser in the province of Treviso.
How is it manufactured?
SpaceMakers products are manufactured by complex industrial processes with some crafted details.
What makes it special?
SpaceMakers enables space to be articulated flexibly and without the need for vertical partitions. They adapt to the space and the required functions, creating tailor-made solutions.
What is it like?
Versatile, transversal and spatial.