Designed by Monica Förster for Zanotta, Tucano is a desk for home working that recalls the beak of the South American bird whose name it bears

Elegant, essential, authentic, almost 'primitive', the new Zanotta desk designed by Monica Förster Design Studio expresses simplicity and design synthesis. The projecting volume of the top is inspired by the beak of the Toucan from which it takes its name. A game of contrasts, a rhythmic dialogue of full and empty spaces that combines the design of the slender steel structure with the peculiarities of the leather with which the top is covered. An ancient and precious material that over time, naturally aging, will give the surface its characteristic patina, a tangible sign of the object's experience, and will allow you to glimpse in its furrows the stories of the inhabitants of the house who have shared its use. Ideal for 'smart working at home' and designed to last over time, Tucano is a project that expresses the company's production philosophy: quality of materials, process innovation, technological and formal research.

Zanotta, Tucano design by Monica Foster

At a glance

What is it?
A desk, declined for the living but also for the bedroom, functional and refined. The sculptural design allows it to be placed on the wall or in the center of the room.
What is its design concept?
Designed for home working, Tucano is a timeless piece of furniture characterized by a leather worktop, an antique, precious but at the same time raw and contemporary material.
How is it made and with what materials?
A tubular structure of folded steel - matt black painted - creates the support for a thin leather top, made in a single piece, which reclines and conforms to the structure, leaving some parts uncovered.
How is it produced and where?
Zanotta production is 100% made in Italy and takes place mainly in the Nova Milanese factories, in the constant choice of materials of the best quality and sustainable processes for both people and the environment.
How is it done?
In the search for design synthesis, Zanotta practices a usable and ethical design. The quality of the finishes, the attention to detail, functionality, comfort, safety and solidity have always been distinctive features found in every product of the company.
What's special about it?
Natural materials, durability, technological and formal research. In addition, this project is characterized by attention to detail, as can be seen in the corner joints with visible rivets that stop and join the two flaps of leather folded over the front and side of the top.
How is it?
Tactile, sculptural, sinuous
In the words of the designer
"We wanted to create a piece that had a classic and timeless style but, at the same time, an aura of 'rawness' and a contemporary approach."