Designed by Patrick Norguet for Zanotta, Dan is a "talking" chair

Designed by Patrick Norguet for Zanotta, the Dan chair, in its hi-tech version with straps, iwas conceived to express the identity of those who choose it and establish a dialogue with those who use it. In fact, Dan can convey messages, words or graphic elements to be included in the furnishing of an environment to further characterize it. Or it can keep a special dedication if it is given as a gift.

Dan has a slender structure, characterized by few elements: seat and back made with colored elastic straps on which, on request, it is possible to print elements of text or graphics. The belts, which come from the automotive sector, become functional, performing and comfortable elements. In the intention of the designer, it is a constantly evolving seat, developed around an essential structure to be covered with a customized suit. A single architecture to implement different chair projects and imagine different life scenarios, from home to office, from cafes to restaurants. In addition to the solution with belts, a completely different variant is also available which offers padded seat and backrest, covered with a precious leather shell in response to different taste and use needs.


Dan by Patrick Norguet for Zanotta

At a glance

What is it?
Dan is a table chair available with and without armrests. Ideal for both residential and contract contexts, it is designed for family lunch or coffee at the bar, to talk and discuss around a meeting table, for workstations in the office or to be combined with the desk at home, always creating narratives new.
What is its design concept?
The name Dan is taken from the Japanese jiujitsu belts where it indicates with colored notches the level of skill achieved. A strip that is a symbol of a path, on which an experience is imprinted, an object that tells its own story.
How is it made?
It has a folded steel tubular structure, composed of a few essential elements without screws and easy to assemble and disassemble, available in iron gray or matt black. Seat and back are made with elastic straps stretched directly on the structure and fixed to the frame with an interlocking system.
Where is it manufactured?
Zanotta production is 100% made in Italy and takes place mainly in the Nova Milanese factories, in the constant choice of materials of the best quality and sustainable processes for both people and the environment.
How is it made?
For Zanotta, product development is a form of dialogue with designers, an exchange and a relationship between different people, skills and experiences, aimed at creating new and timeless objects capable of meeting the needs of the catalog and communicating the expression of designer and the company's values. The approach to the design of the brand is always aimed at removing what is not needed to get to the essence of the project, even during development and not just in the product conception phase.
What makes it special?
Belts are one of the most important innovation components of the project. The result of a technological research of automotive origin, they guarantee high performance in terms of sealing, resistance and comfort. Made of polyester yarn - and available in yellow, rope, anthracite and blue - they have a characteristic three-dimensional texture with a diagonal structure that can be customized by printing graphics or text elements on them.
How is it?
Radical, innovative, communicative.
In the designer's word...
"The Dan project is based on an evolutionary design concept, such as that of an architecture and its structural elements”.