The cushion as archetype: the new Dove sofa by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Zanotta

An island that is a haven where you can rest, relax with the whole family, welcome friends, read and work. This is how Ludovica e Roberto Palomba present Dove, the new sofa from the Back to emotions collection. In it Zanotta brings stages life at home with the focus firmly on the synthesis of the project and the relationship between furnishings and those who live with them. It is conceived in the name of an essential design, which clearly expresses the idea of comfort, adapting to suit the needs of its users and establishing a welcoming relationship with people in everyday life. Monobloc and sectional, modular the in linear or corner solutions, the sofa consists of a few components: a base, two feet and three soft cushions to create a cocooning effect. The inclination of the armrest is designed to accommodate and support the neck and back as you nestle into the sofa, relaxing luxuriously. Refined details are expressed in the double stitched seams and the curves defining the cushions and armrests. Dove is capable of creating the emotional empathy essential to transform the living room into an identitarian space, thanks also to the formal and functional prominence of the cushion, an archetypal and familiar figure synonymous with the home and intimacy.

At a glance

What is it?
Dove is a monobloc and sectional sofa, developed in a program of elements that make it possible to create modular solutions, linear or angular, extended and articulated thanks to the elongated armchairs with armrests and the sofas at either end.
What is the design concept?
“The pillow epitomizes our idea of ​​a simple welcome in everyday life", because it is a companion that relaxes and pampers, a haven, the supreme everyday object.” Ludovica+Roberto Palomba
How is it made?
The seat has fluffy cushions made from three different layers of material – polyurethane foam, memory foam and dacron – to ensure the right level of comfort and most ergonomic shape. The seat is supported by a wooden structure sprung on elastic webbing. The back and armrests, padded with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam, conceal a steel core. The feet in cast aluminum, painted a graphite color, are joined to each other by extruded tubular aluminum to form the support frame. The structure, partly integrated into the padding, gives lightness to the volume of the sofa, which seems to be suspended off the ground.
How is it produced and where?
Zanotta’s production is 100% made in Italy and takes place mainly in its factories at Nova Milanese, in the constant choice of materials of the finest quality and sustainable processes for both people and the environment.
How is it manufactured?
Zanotta practices a usable, ethical and sustainable design, aimed at the search for design synthesis. The quality of the finishes, the attention to detail, functionality, comfort, safety and durability over time are by themselves distinctive qualities found in all the brand’s products.
What makes it special?
The Dove sofa has a restrained design, stripped of the superfluous but rich in functional contents and innovative solutions, made with durable materials and precise and simple components easily assembled.
How is it?
Essential, welcoming, comfortable.
In the designers’ own words
“Things that make us happy: staying at home, a sofa as soft as a pillow, a book of poems, the embrace of those we love.”