The company presents the designer handles H 381 KAN Duemilaventi and H 384 CetraRuddy

One door is opened and closed, then another is opened and closed again. How many times do we perform gestures like this every day? And to open, close, close again, ajar a door, a gate, a window, hands are used. And along with them, the handles. Usual objects, either discreet and barely noticeable or with a strong personality and therefore clearly visible, but often little considered. From the Latin manicula, diminutive of manua, handful, that which fills the hand, the handle has always had a binding relationship, both formally and functionally, with the human limb. Like it or not, handles have to be reckoned with. If, in addition to being functional and technologically advanced, they are also beautiful to look at and pleasant to touch and hold, then that's it...

Strong personality

Fusital, a Valli&Valli brand active in applied design research, presents the most recent projects that have become part of the Maniglie d'autore collection: the H 381 KAN Duemilaventi and the H 384 CetraRuddy. Shared by a simple design with a strong personality, they have been designed by architects who have contributed to transforming the handle from a simple functional accessory to a true aesthetic detail with a high design content.

Like a handshake

The H 384 handle designed by CetraRuddy, a New York-based architecture and interior design studio, is called Handshake because like a handshake it is a prelude to discoveries and new encounters. The designers have succeeded in creating an object in which ergonomics and aesthetics come together and manage to amplify each other's value. The single body of the H 384 handle is an apparently simple element based on a precise conceptual complexity: a volume with a dynamic profile, which changes depending on the perspective and distance from which it is observed.

Surfaces, edges and corners

Inclined flat surfaces, blunt but sharp edges, corners with a strong personality: the handle invites the hand to grasp it, to move on it naturally and spontaneously. Available in Cromosat, Dark Bronze and Neropaco finishes, H 384 finds its ideal place in contemporary style projects, residences but also solutions in the hospitality, culture, education and commercial sectors. The collection consists of door handle, window handle, privacy lock.

Softness and elegance

The KAN Duemilaventi handle was designed by Khalid Al Najjar, designer, architect and founder of DXB LAB Architecture, who has elegantly combined contemporary design stylistic features with elements of Middle Eastern architecture. It is distinguished by an essential and linear structure, a discrete profile capable of astonishing. The horizontal element of the handle takes on an unexpected personality as you approach it: you discover that its section, only apparently rigorous, comes alive with a curvilinear and sinuous movement, capable of giving life to a subtle play of shadows and light.

Curved lines

Not only the sight, but also the touch is amazed by the solution: when grasping the handle, the palm is able to feel the softness and elegance of the curved lines. The H 381 collection, consisting of door handle and window handle, handle and privacy lock, is made of brass and is available in the finishes Cromosat, Nikelnero, Titanium PVD, Orsatop. The different colour proposals and the design make it a graceful and versatile solution, suitable for different environments.

The BioCote treatment

For the handles of both collections, as for all Valli&Valli and Fusital painted handles, the BioCote treatment is available, which responds to the widespread need for good hygiene practices in buildings: the special silver ion antimicrobial additive that is added to the paint during production reduces the risk of cross contamination by permanently combating the proliferation of bacteria.