A whimsical campaign that of Geberit: the disruptive sympathy of La Pina emphasizes the love for the home as a place where you can truly feel yourself. At the center are daily gestures, the most innovative functionality but above all well-being in the most intimate environment

Geberit, European reference in the sanitary products sector, has launched the new multimedia campaign È tutta un'altra musica (It's a whole different music) dedicated to AquaClean, a range that combines the functions of a normal toilet with those of the bidet, responding to different needs and offering new standards in terms of comfort and hygiene. Exceptional testimonial: La Pina.

Part of the global communication campaign My Confidence, with which for some years Geberit has transformed its flagship bathroom fixture into an object of style, involving testimonials of different gender and age sitting on the designed profile of an AquaClean bidet toilet, La Pina was chosen. to communicate in Italy the revolution of the daily routine inherent in the concept of this product, the best-selling in Europe. A product which, once tried, it becomes impossible to do without.


One of the most loved and recognizable voices in the world of radio, writer and traveler attentive to news and technologies that improve everyday life: this is Orsola Branzi, aka La Pina. Thanks to her whimsical and unusual sympathy she manages to reach the hearts of her loyal spectators, accompanying them in their daily life and suggesting their lifestyle thanks to hits, stories and curious anecdotes.

The love for the home, as a dimension in which to truly feel oneself, and the attention to innovation, both aesthetic and functional, make it the spokesperson for the characteristics that distinguish Aquaclean. Suitable for all those who want to pamper themselves with new sensations of well-being, the Geberit bidet toilet Is a whole different music. And if Pina says so...

The protagonist of the campaign is the Geberit AquaClean Mera bidet toilet, whose essential design created by Christoph Behling hides a sophisticated integrated system. In addition to the proven WhirlSpray shower technology, with a pulsating water jet dynamically mixed with air, and the rimless toilet with TurboFlush technology, which allows particularly thorough and silent rinsing, Mera offers many other additional functions – from extraction of unpleasant odors to the heating of the seat, from the automatic opening mechanism via proximity sensor to the remote control and control panel on the wall, up to the ambient lighting system – which guarantee 360-degree well-being.

Alongside Mera, the AquaClean range is completed by the Sela models, with refined lines that adapt to any context, and Tuma, which offers the basic functions of a bidet toilet as a complete solution or in the seat version, to be integrated with existing ceramics, thus bringing maximum comfort in any type of bathroom.

Watch here the backstage video of the multimedia campaign of the Geberit AquaClean bidet toilet È tutta un'altra musica (It's a whole different music) with La Pina testimonial.