Gewiss Ego Smart smart plate integrates stylistic purity and technology, for a holistic approach to the smart home

With clean and compact lines, Ego Smart is the latest generation plate developed by Gewiss which combines sophisticated style and practical information, comfort and automation, for a multi-sensory and amplified living experience, able to respond in a simple, intuitive and immediate way to all contemporary needs, in dialogue constant between them.

All the functions of the device are programmable and manageable also remotely through the Home Gateway App from the graphics of clear reading with customized commands.

The dynamic and interactive dialogue between smart home devices and sensors

Belonging to ChoruSmart, the range of connected and versatile solutions and systems designed to make every function of the home easily usable and modifiable, Ego Smart evolves from a plaque to a functional and interactive element in constant dialogue with smart home devices and sensors.

From the coordinated aesthetics, in shapes, finishes and colors, to the traditional version, Ego Smart is enriched with a integrated dynamic graphic display, through which text messages and icons scroll which change to indicate the different commands activated. A system of perimeter LED lighting also emphasizes the lines of the device, signaling any alert messages with different colors.

A more efficient and safe management of the home

Through the integrated display, Ego Smart can provide immediate information on the status of the system and the functions of the installed controls, including monitoring data (welcome and goodbye scenarios, status of lights and windows), comfort (display of temperature and time in stand-by mode), safety (signaling of water leaks, smoke and gas detection, exceeding humidity levels) and sustainability (exceeding consumption thresholds and load status) for more efficient home management and a better quality of life.

Design, shapes and colors

Made of technopolymer, Ego Smart is available in rectangular shape with 3 and 4 places or square with 2 places for the international standard. 

The slightly curved surface and the reduced thickness towards the edges give the plate an essential and balanced design, embellished with opal profiles that diffuse the led light.

The three different chromatic lines (light, neutral and dark shades), for a palette of 12 colors with satin finish, allow you to perfectly match with the other devices of the ChoruSmart ecosystem.

If light colors embody the purest design furniture lines, highlighting different styles, from the most decorative to the most essential, the dark ones enhance the contrasts, while the neutral tones warm the rooms, giving tactile sensations and affinity with the natural elements.