Natural and artificial, lighting is the real star in this renovation of a private home in Antwerp, Belgium, by architect Dennis T'Jampens. In the kitchen and bathroom the Ceadesign collections

Illuminating the interior of a residence with natural light ensures greater well-being for those living there. Light that, by its very nature, is bound to vary with the passage of time, the hours, the seasons. This is compensated for by artificial lighting, which is indispensable to ensure light conditions regardless of the weather. Natural and artificial, two light sources to be intelligently combined, thought out and designed.

Light: natural and artificial

As is the case in this renovation project in Antwerp, Belgium, led by architect Dennis T'Jampsen, in which the protagonist is a light capable of creating atmospheres and suggestions: both the natural lighting coming in through the large windows and the artificial lighting that creates plays of light and shadows to great scenic effect.

Wood flooring and coverings

Wood flooring acts as a trait d'union between the kitchen and the living area, suggesting continuity between the different rooms in the home. Oak walls, which can open and close if necessary, are the elements that separate and connect the various spaces.

Green footprint

Sustainability and functionality are the key to understanding the entire project, conceived not only in terms of excellence and quality of detail, but also in consideration of the durability and green footprint of the materials used: stainless steel, natural wood and marble. The kitchen synthesises the design choices: here is a large steel table that serves as worktop and desk, and here the ZIQQ tapware collection made by Ceadesign stands out for its essential shapes.

Materials in dialogue

A spiral staircase, bathed in natural light, leads to the upper floor. The luxury of the master bedroom is reminiscent of a hotel suite. The dialogue between the materials used in the various contexts, from the sleeping area to the bathroom, gives it an exclusive look. The ZIQQ faucets, in stainless steel with a Light Gold satin finish, are used in the shower, bathtub and washbasin area.

Ph. Arne Jennard