Designed by m2atelier Tie XL, the new armchair inspired by the world of fashion

The creative duo Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic (m2atelier) bring the refined sign that distinguishes them to the Giorgetti home, presenting the new Tie XL armchair that complements the seat of the same name presented in 2021. The inspiration for this product comes from the world of fashion, always in constant search of the equation between uniqueness and sartorial cut: the discreet silhouette reveals a deep and seductive slit on the back that recalls some haute couture creations.

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Fashion and design never so close

As we know, fashion has often inspired design. Design has often been attracted by fashion. Two worlds that are close in terms of creativity, experimentation, managerial and design choices, anticipation of trends. Contaminations evident in the brand extensions (furniture, accessories and furnishing elements) of leading fashion houses in the fashion sector; explorations and trespassing by historic design brands that have strengthened their identity by launching projects and products that are clearly closer and in tune with the pyrotechnic and imaginative world of fashion.

Attention to detail

Characterized by a full volume but light to the eye, thanks to its proportions, Tie XL is a monolithic object that captures attention to detail. Examples of this are the stitching that runs along the entire profile, accentuating its sinuous and ultra-soft line and the counterweight of the headrest that adjusts its height and, like a necklace, in turn embellishes the back of the seat.

A sensory experience

The structure of Tie XL is padded and the upholstery, in fabric or leather, one-color or two-tone, with the external part in leather and the internal part in fabric, is completely removable. A comfortable, ergonomic and welcoming armchair capable of restoring a pleasant effect of visual and tactile softness, giving a new sensory experience.

Structure, coatings and materials

Tie XL is an armchair with structure in Polimex (composite polyester/polyurethane material), padding in polyurethane foam covered in fibre. The lining is enriched by piping and a leather back insert. It can be one-color (fabric or leather) or two-tone (external part in leather and internal part in fabric). Oval headrest with counterweight. Base in anthracite gray ash. cm 76 × 90 × h 109.