Glocal is tinged with softer colors and decorative workmanship that pay homage to the manufacturing precision of Made in Italy, designed by Giulio Cappellini

On the occasion of Cersaie 2023, Mirage presented the new face of Glocal, played by Giulio Cappellini.

The collection, which as can be understood from the name merges the precious values of a "global" and at the same time "local" product, thus takes on a renewed appearance.

The notable but delicate intervention by Giulio Cappellini - Glocal continues to faithfully maintain the characteristics of the appreciated line of smooth concrete coverings - finds form in a softer color palette, new and innovative architectural processes an extreme flexibility of composition.

In this way the architect can freely choose how to associate the slabs, leaving his creativity free to express itself.

Glocal x Giulio Cappellini: the color palette

Among the most important innovations introduced with the restyling of Glocal by Giulio Cappellini, there is the expansion of the chromatic range: the tones of the collection are not distorted, but harmoniously extended.

A warmer, softer and more welcoming variation becomes part of the family, following industry trends that want a less rigorous and more comfortable home. Muted color choices therefore take place, gradually abandoning the more classic and ferrous greys.

Furthermore, variations of green, terracotta or shades of blue have also been integrated. The personality remains, but the possibilities of expression expand considerably.

Geometric decorations, obtained directly from the material

In addition to the extension of the color palette, Glocal is also renewed on the decorative front.

Sinuous or geometric, depending on the preference of those who choose them for their project, the architectural elements that characterize the new look of Glocal x Giulio Cappellini refer to the precision of workmanship and the visual impact of the traditional < strong>bas-relief.

The proposals draw inspiration from the most modern architecture, especially Japanese, which give life to round and square shapes, tone-on-tone workmanship and an alternation of smooth and rough surfaces, with a material reference strong>.

A peculiarity made possible by the synergy created between the most advanced technologies and human sensitivity. Not just simple porcelain stoneware slabs: real architectural elements capable of determining the style of an environment.

Technology and craftsmanship, an excellent duo

What makes the new face of Glocal interpreted by Giulio Cappellini so interesting is the decorative refinement. The result of a synergistic work between advanced technology and wise craftsmanship, pillars of Italian production excellence, which materialize in industrially produced slabs, validated by delicate color interventions.

The numerous artistic interpretations, then, give flexibility to the collection: depending on needs, it is possible to combine and compose the slabs, giving life to an infinite number of personalized creations.

A testimony to how post-industrial production can be, today, the key to interpreting interior solutions: the industry, accustomed to producing in large series, is now able to respond with modularity to different customization requests. A declination of Glocal that speaks of the intelligence and flexibility of Italian manufacturing.