Telling nature through the company's decorative finishes and material textures: a new manifesto of aesthetics and respect for the environment

The Novacolor international project is back for the seventh edition, featuring master decorators, designers and architects, who best interpret the values of the Italian brand. The ten Novacolor ambassadors 2022, selected from professional decorators and architects, come from all over the world: Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Spain, Romania, Poland (decorator), United States.

The shooting was carried out in Milan at the Casa degli Artisti, a residence, production and sharing center that connects art and the city, with which Novacolor has entered into a partnership for the whole of 2022. The photographer and artist Gianluca Cisternino has returned to tell about the 10 ambassadors, gathered in Italy to get to know each other and exchange expertise. Cisternino managed to capture and represent the human and professional essence of each protagonist, under the common hat of the Novacolor identity.

The ambassadors created a decorative panel inspired by the concept of belonging to nature expressed by the 2022 We Belong To Nature concept, using the products that best represent their personal interpretation of the brand. Based on their own culture, experience, sensitivity, each has given a completely subjective point of view of the meaning of the new concept.

Novacolor chooses every day to invest significantly in sustainable raw materials, representing an Italian excellence that works with passion and competence for a sustainable future. For years, Novacolor has been redesigning the production chain with a new approach based on the concept of “Biomass Balance” by replacing fossil raw materials with biomass from agricultural waste. Its products, in addition to having obtained the indoor air quality A +, were the first in Italy to receive the REDcert2 certification, awarded to companies that invest significantly in sustainable raw materials.

Also recent is the acquisition by the MATmotion line and Puro_titanium & VOC free of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification which combines all the European regulations on VOC emissions and almost all the optional labels on VOC emissions, including not only testing and screening for thousands of chemical products but also a program aimed at ensuring that not only a specific sample is tested: all production batches are monitored over time and production processes are periodically inspected.