Company growth, technological innovation, design research in the wake of the artisan tradition of metalworking

Since 1971 (the year in which Ind.i.a. Spa, the first company in the Group, was founded) Gonzato Group has grown and today, with 13 branches all over the world, 500 employees, 30 thousand catalogue items and over 40 million semi-finished products sold, it is one of the main international players in the production of ornamental components and metal elements for the building and architecture industry. The company's growth, technological innovation and constant design research have not undermined the love for the ancient art of metalworking, which can be found in the passion and continuity with which Francesca, Matteo, Dario and Davide, the sons of founder Bruno Gonzato, run the company today.

Design and contract solutions and systems

Today, the Group is present on the market both with the Arteferro brand, which proposes a wide range of products and solutions in iron and other metals with a classic or contemporary design, and with the IAM Design brand, which offers the world of design solutions and systems in stainless steel and aluminium used in combination with glass to create parapets and partitions. Contract projects signed by Gonzato Group find ample space, offering customers customised solutions capable of satisfying, with the unmistakable Italian style that distinguishes the company's entire production, any design requirement.

Product culture

The tradition that distinguishes the company has led to a product culture in which simplicity and craftsmanship go hand in hand with a high engineering capacity and constant technological innovation. A union capable of offering, also thanks to prestigious collaborations with universities and research institutes, solutions in line with the most current architectural and interior design trends. Gonzato Group works with and for designers, leaving them free to realise their ideas. It is on the building site, in fact, that project design and product culture meet. The synergy of this relationship gives rise to new products that, by combining together even different materials, increasingly espouse an ideal of beauty capable of satisfying both structural and installation flexibility requirements.

Quality, environment, safety

With three production sites, Gonzato Group manages the entire production and supply chain step by step, guaranteeing a high level of quality in all phases: it is no coincidence that the main certifications have been obtained in terms of quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and product safety even in international markets. Particular attention is paid to the environment in the conviction that only by respecting the territory can one grow with continuity and sharing. This is why the company has equipped itself with a photovoltaic system with over 2400 modules covering an area of 3.5 square kilometres, with a nominal power of 575 kW.