Sustainability and social responsibility at the basis of the success of a group that has been working leather for over 60 years in Italy and around the world

Founded in 1958, Gruppo Mastrotto is one of the main world players in the tanning sector. Over 60 years of experience in leather processing in the 19 factories (14 in the tanning district of Arzignano nel Vicentino and one in that of Santa Croce sull'Arno near Pisa in Italy, as well as Brazil, Indonesia, Tunisia and Mexico) that produce for furniture, footwear, leather goods, automotive, nautical and aviation sectors: innovating technologically, anticipating trends, applying its know-how to market demands.

Particular attention was paid by the Group to the issue of sustainability, creating a business model to give centrality to the environment and society and developing the special payoff Sustainability, Next Level which focuses on attention and respect for the environment the corporate payoff Gruppo Mastrotto - Leather Experience, Next level. At the center, the sustainability of the product activated through three fixed points: leather as a waste from the food industry, ennobled and transformed into a valuable and valuable material; the renewability of up to 90% of the leathers produced, compared to other materials, as certified by the Biobased certification of the American Department of Agriculture, U.S.D.A. (The United States Department of Agriculture); the commitment to continuous sustainable development: from 2021, 100% of the electricity acquired by the Gruppo Mastrotto is certified from renewable sources, reducing CO2 emissions by over 5,000 tons per year, equal to 21% of the total.

There are many social responsibility initiatives and links with the territory. In particular, the Work Inclusion project is part of the People, Next Level program, which puts people at the center. Launched in 2018, it provides for the creation of a real production department for the assembly of leather samples intended to accommodate and permanently place people of working age with disabilities. The project, strongly desired by the company, promotes a real process of both work and social integration, offering the possibility to workers with cognitive-relational disabilities to get involved and grow personally and professionally, while at the same time promoting the values ​​of hospitality, of the comparison and enhancement of diversity.

Among the new products, Primalinea 99.9 leather collection with antibacterial and antiviral treatment, with registered patent. The Group's Research and Development Department has devised and developed a new treatment that guarantees a permanent and effective level of protection up to 99.9%: this is the percentage of bacteria and viruses that do not survive on the skin's surface. A sort of barrier that prevents the replication of pathogens that should come into contact with the leather. A treatment applicable to all products in every area of ​​leather processing: footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture, automotive, aviation and boating, with a range of use that covers various types of accessories, public places and lounges, furnishing accessories and seats, means of transport. The collection is available in 60 colors, also in the prompt delivery service in 48 hours and with no minimum quantities of Gruppo Mastrotto Express.