A consecration for the iconic Focus model in its glazed version in the Excellent Product Design - Design Classics and Reissues category

Created in 1968 by Dominique Imbert, the company's founder, the Gyrofocus model, revolutionary in design and technical engineering, was the world's first 360-degree rotating and suspended fireplace. A true symbol of the Focus brand, it has become an icon of international design: elected among 100 candidates as the "most beautiful object in the world" at the international Pulchra competition (Italy) in 2009, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux in 1996, at the Centre National d'Art Contemporain in Grenoble in 1997 and at the Musée Guggenheim in New York in 1998. And now the Gold award at the German Design Award 2023 in the category Excellent Product Design - Design Classics and Reissues.

A technological breakthrough

With the Gyrofocus Vetrato, the company accomplished a true technological feat. When it debuted on the market in 1968, the original shape of the firebox was not designed for high energy performance. Only fifteen or so components made up the original open model, whereas today over 150 elements make up the glazed model.

Rigorous research, development and testing

It took two years of research and development and numerous tests to design a chimney that achieves some of the most demanding energy and environmental performance in the world, while keeping the original design intact.

A legendary design

The only change was the circular glass panes that now protect the heart of the firebox, without altering the original features: a design that has become legendary and the characteristic 360° rotation. In this way, Gyrofocus paved the way for new models, which are also available in a glazed version: Domofocus and Ergofocus benefit from the same patented technology.