X Series 11 is the brand's new highly innovative range that, thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, changes the rules of washing and drying and guarantees exemplary results

A pioneer in the IoT world and promoter of a broader Smart Home concept, the Haier brand recently presented the X Series 11: a highly innovative range capable of changing the rules of washing and drying through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, the X Series 11 washing machine is distinguished by a series of cutting-edge features, such as Fresh Air technology, a system of continuous air flow in the drum capable of refreshing garments and, by keeping the environment dry, preventing the spread of bacteria and unpleasant odours for up to 12 hours after the end of the cycle; its Direct Motion motor, moreover, ensures excellent energy efficiency, high performance and minimal noise.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Haier's X Series 11 tumble dryer, on the other hand, achieves the highest level of efficiency thanks to its Dual Engine Inverter motor and maximum drying results thanks to the Twin Motor with Ultra Reverse Drum, a feature, the latter, useful for preventing garments from twisting thanks to the bi-directional movement of equal duration. Furthermore, the Flexy Air function allows you to adjust the airflow to the desired intensity, choosing from five levels depending on the time and type of fabric to be dried. The dryer boasts energy class A++ -10%, an energy-saving and environmentally friendly achievement.

Exclusive functions

But the innovation of the new Haier line - which includes solutions capable of reaching energy class A-50% - goes further, to the point of providing technology capable of meeting the specific needs of each consumer. The products express their full potential once they are connected to the brand's app, hOn, which guarantees exclusive functions and a totally customisable experience, tailored to customers' personal habits, usage preferences and the needs of each wash.

AI at the service of washing and drying

Built-in Artificial Intelligence means that Haier's X Series 11 washing machine automatically detects the amount and type of fabrics in the laundry to determine the most appropriate wash and dose the detergent from over 2,500 possible combinations, while the dryer autonomously recognises the type of garment, fabric and load size and then sets the most appropriate cycle. Another possibility is to scan and archive the washing labels to create a Virtual Wardrobe and know at all times how best to wash and dry each individual garment.

Performance and connectivity for better efficiency

Performance aside, what also makes the X Series 11 distinctive is its premium aesthetics. The elegant TFT screen allows you to select the language you want to interact with in just a few moments to keep the parameters of the washing and drying cycles under control, while the large drum diameter has been designed to accommodate every type of load and allow for remarkable performance. The performance, connectivity and, in general, all the innovations in Haier's X Series 11 enhance the conscious and sustainable habits of every consumer, guaranteeing the highest efficiency according to the needs of each cycle, avoiding unnecessary waste and simplifying users' lives.