All the narrative power of the substance with Argille by HDsurface

Argille is the new completely natural wall covering made from clay, vegetable cellulose fiber, natural lime and micronized marble powders, with which HDsurface reconfirms its ecological philosophy and the desire to experiment with the essence of materials. Naturally material and velvety to the touch, the product spreads easily on vertical surfaces, transforming the gesture of man into decoration. Its grainy and porous composition makes it rich in natural ripples that are emphasized by the encounter with natural light. Breathable material, clay has been used since ancient times for its intrinsic properties that make it a natural temperature and humidity regulator of the environments in which it is applied. Its natural performance thus joins the mastery of HDsurface in creating new surfaces that characterize the interiors through the vibrant shades of the material. The product is proposed in a chromatic palette of 24 colors born from the mixture with colored earths and oxides. The abacus is made up of neutral shades with a strong appeal to matter, passing through blues, reds and greens capable of recounting the most diverse imaginaries and giving space to creative freedom.

At a glance

What is it?
Argille is a clay-based, continuous solution spatulated coating for decorating indoor vertical surfaces, characterizing them with its material appearance and a range of 24 colors.
What its design concept?
HDsurface with Argille explored the potential of natural materials to create a totally sustainable product capable of restoring the relationship between nature and man, giving the environment healthiness and life quality.
How and where is it manufactured?
Argille comes from the mix of natural elements such as clay, vegetable cellulose fiber, natural lime, micronized marble powders, colored earths and oxides. It was created and patented within the HDsurface laboratory in the company headquarters in Gussago (BS).
What makes it special?
rgille is a totally natural product that comes from the subtraction of all the aspects related to chemistry, using for the first time the cellulose fiber as a binder between the various ingredients. It is a highly material product that enters into osmosis with the environment from a visual and tactile point of view.
In the designer’s own words
Argille is a surface with an irregular effect both in terms of aesthetics and thickness. Velvety to the touch, it makes human hands an added value, each time capable of giving a different personality to a product with strong and delicate features at the same time; like a poem. (Marco Carini, HDsurface Art Director)