An indoor pot holder inspired by the Brazilian plant from which natural rubber is extracted. Steel central stem and propylene pots for a versatile and colourful piece of furniture

There are many ways to collaborate in the ecological transition, to convey the message "let's save planet Earth" and make people aware of sustainability issues and green culture. Perhaps, as in the case of designer Victoria Azadinho Bocconi, starting from her love for her own land, Brazil, guardian of an enormous green heritage such as the Amazon forest, which is slowly but surely disappearing.

Homage to nature

Designed for Pedrali, Hevea is a pot holder that pays homage to nature by recalling the Amazon, the planet's green lung, and the designer's homeland. The inspiration is the tree from which natural rubber is extracted: the name comes from Hevea Brasiliensis, from which a white latex is extracted through grooves in the bark that cause it to flow into collection containers hanging from the trunk, which is then processed and transformed.

Versatile and colourful

Available in white, green, terracotta and black, Hevea is a furnishing accessory for bringing nature into the home and contract environment: composed of a steel base and central structure to which polypropylene pots are attached, it allows for different configurations depending on the number and position of the pots. It is possible to fix them in a simple and intuitive way, either by positioning them opposite each other or in a spiral.

Transversal and functional

A transversal object that allows plants to be organised by exploiting space vertically, without occupying areas intended for other uses. A complement that fits discreetly into rooms, ready to accommodate small plants that become protagonists, creating unique and potentially infinite compositions within living spaces.

The many souls of Hevea

Hevea Partition is the three-column planter system for creating layouts and green walls in work and hospitality spaces. Hevea Ice Bucket becomes an ice bucket with a central base in which to keep bottles at temperature, with one or two bottle buckets. The elements of Hevea are easily separable to allow for cleaning of the pots and for proper disposal of the different components at the end of product life.