FrostWash home air conditioners: smart, clean and always connected

Not just summer cooling and heat pump operation in autumn and winter, today Hitachi air conditioners are smart objects that help people live better by recognising and adapting to personal habits. Like Dodai FrostWash, the compact, clean and silent air conditioner that can also be managed with Alexa and Google Home. To meet the needs of the smart home, Hitachi Cooling & Heating offers the FrostWash range of always-connected air conditioners.

Technology that eliminates dust, mould and bacteria

The star of the range is FrostWash technology. The result of research and development by the Japanese Hitachi laboratories, it is not a simple air filtration and purification system, but an innovative technology that captures, freezes and washes away dust, mould and impurities. Ice crystals and water droplets enable deep cleaning of the heat exchanger fins, neutralising 91% of bacteria and 87% of mould that settle in the air conditioner.

Geolocation and voice control

The new airCloud Home app provides connection to all mobile devices and intelligent management of the air conditioner through Alexa and Google Home voice control. The innovative geolocation function Smart Geo Fence detects the user's presence within a radius of 500 metres outwards and 10 km inwards, automatically adjusting on, off and temperature of the air conditioner according to habits and lifestyle.

Low consumption, savings, high technology

Reduced consumption, savings, high technology

Among the models of the residential range FrostWash, Dodai is the most compact: with a width of only 780 mm it can be installed anywhere, even above a door. Japanese quality in class A++: Dodai FrostWash combines low consumption and high technology. The ECO function guarantees maximum energy savings and the simultaneous use of other appliances. The Vacation Mode, on the other hand, allows you to set the heating operation to a minimum maintenance temperature, so as not to find the house too cold after returning from an off-season vacation or a business trip.

Silent comfort

With 20 dB output - barely the 'noise' of rustling leaves - Dodai FrostWash is among the quietest air-conditioners in its class.