Sughero naturale o tostato e i colori della Toscana nella collezione firmata Gum Design

Material experimentation and Italian tradition come together in an original way in the Borghi freestanding washbasin line by antoniolupi. The originality is given by the cork base, natural or toasted, which supports basins in Cristalmood, a transparent resin patented by the brand. The line is signed by Gumdesign, aka Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi, who were inspired by Bolgheri for the Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo nuances that recall the colors of olive trees, wine and sky.

Unique artifacts

"Research, innovation and avant-garde have always been synonymous with the work of antoniolupi which in recent years has seen its range enriched with unique artifacts, unusual and fascinating projects. Once again the Tuscan company amazes through a new challenge that sees as its fulcrum a material, cork, ancient and multifaceted, interpreted according to the company's design philosophy and with the creative flair of Gumdesign. " explains Andrea Lupi.

Colors of Maremma

The colors of the Cristalmood make up the second paragraph of this chapter. For this new series, the designers drew inspiration from the colors of this land: the leaves and fruits of the olive trees, the reddish brown of grapes and wine, the deep blue of the sea. Gran Cru, Oleo and Ceruleo: colors rich in shades like nature.

This is Colormood

After having enclosed the landscapes of Tuscany in a washbasin, antoniolupi expands the Borghi collection by focusing on customization. Alongside cork and Cristalmood, Colormood makes its appearance, a new ecological resin from antoniolupi with a soft touch finish. A material that, with its velvety surfaces and soft to the touch, blends with the materiality of cork and the transparency of Cristalmood. If the three materials are added to the 13 color variations for the Colormood, the 17 for the Cristalmood and the 2 for the cork, the different combinations make it possible to obtain 300 versions of the same washbasin. An infinite number of solutions designed to satisfy every need.