Gumdesign carpets, wallpapers and a console table extend the style of the brand to the whole house

From the bathroom to the rest of the house, the step can be short, very short. The most intimate environment is now a room with dignity equal to that of a living room, as shown by the research on the interior of a brand like antoniolupi, which confirms with the latest innovations, presented at the recent Cersaie, to shorten the distance in terms of style and decor between the place of well-being and our homes.

The optical carpets

In this sense, Volumi is to be interpreted, the new line of rugs designed by Gumdesign, a collection with irregular shapes that plays with perception. Irregular shapes, three-dimensional effects, color contrasts are the elements of a project that extends the range of the previous Tramato line "with suggestions aimed at tracing everyday living", explain the designers. “Vertical, horizontal, oblique lines intertwine with colored backgrounds and generate unexpected spaces and perspectives, geometries that chase each other in a contrast between white, black and the Antoniolupi color palette”, tell the Gumdesign. A balance of full and empty, of light and dark, of thin parallel or perpendicular lines that outline well-defined areas of different dimensions. Optical effects that give three-dimensionality to the surface, creating “volumes” that furnish the rooms without actually taking up space.

From Tramato, Volumi takes up the black & white palette, introducing terracotta red to animate the two-dimensional surface of the carpet, as in a sort of abstract painting. The collection consists of twenty-five carpets with unusual shapes that can adapt to very different environments and styles: from the bathroom to the living room, from the entrance to the bedroom.

The wallpaper between the lines

Tralerighe, the first wallpaper collection produced by antoniolupi and presented in June 2020 within the homonymous container designed by Gumdesign, responds to the idea of ​​creating a coherent style. One year after the presentation, the collection expands from twenty to 41 designs available in positive and negative. Wallpaper is a new further challenge accepted by antoniolupi and is a collection that perfectly completes the bathroom project in its entirety. The common thread that binds all the proposals of the concept are precisely the geometries and colors; in Borghi the colors are warm and intense, but they are not attributable to a precise code or pantone, they are a nuance.

On the contrary, in the other proposals of this large container it is the contrast between the warm, muffled white and the black that creates light and speaks with its intensity. The designs of the Tralerighe wallpaper collection are studied on a mathematical algorithm: horizontal, vertical and oblique lines intersect as if they were alive and in continuous movement, communicating with each other; in such a way that the optical result is not of closure in a predetermined graphic cage, but of opening, drawing the space. The space incorporates the movement given by the lines and is ready to welcome, like a staff welcomes the notes.

The new proposals by antoniolupi and Gumdesign are completed by a refined iron console, Tramato, refined and ideal for the bathroom as for other rooms.