Ideal Standard invites you on a digital tour to discover Berlin's architecture and the new bathroom collection inspired by it, in the company of exceptional guests. The Together World Tour is a series of six digital events dedicated to design and architecture lovers that will lead to discover the key places of the architectural identity of Milan, Berlin, London, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai, previewing the collections from bathroom that took inspiration from them. In the next stage on June 16, the facets of Berlin together with Sir David Chipperfield, Studio GRAFT, Hartmut Dorgerloh of the Humboldt Forum Foundation and Roberto Palomba, chief design officer of Ideal Standard

We got used to traveling. We got used to booking a plane and finding ourselves on the other side of the world within a day, on journeys that now seem very distant and difficult, both to plan and to build. Perhaps this is why Ideal Standard has built the Together World Tour, a project that invites a virtual journey to the great capitals of the world, the places where trends, thoughts and ways of life take shape. An itinerary lasting almost a year, which started from Milan in April and will arrive in Shanghai in March 2022. Passing through Berlin, London, Paris and Dubai, to discover the architectural identities of these world capitals and the bathroom collections that they have took inspiration.

Together World Tour by Ideal Standard

Six online events, open to the public and designed for those who are passionate about projects, as well as for clients and the international press. Ideal Standard thus launches a strong message for transversal and engaging communication, attentive to the strength of the most diverse cultural identities and curious about what each place can say. The goal is to return to talking to the public thanks to the historical values ​​of the brand: design, quality, research. At the same time embracing the idea of ​​closeness, of relationship. The Together World Tour is an opportunity to meet again in a digital space to assert the strength of bonds and human closeness, despite everything.

A strategy that also arises from the meeting with Roberto Palomba, the company's chief designer officer, who has brought back the great work that the Italian masters have done together with Ideal Standard to its origins. An extraordinary design undertaking that Palomba has seen relived in the original drawings, in the sketches, in the technical tables that tell the historical collections and their evolutions. The Together World Tour focuses on the Atelier Collections catalog, a new series of objects born from the partnership with the PS + A studio that bring the inspiration of historical pieces to the contemporary, and that at the same time find inspiration in architecture, design, lifestyle of modern metropolises.

The first stop on Ideal Standard's journey around the world was Milan. The city where Roberto Palomba works and lives, the place where historical collections were born and one of the undisputed capitals of world design. It is an itinerary along the milestones of the Milanese project. A montage of streaming and video content that has the impact of a physical event and the imaginative and inspiring power of a conversation between friends. It is a new language that Ideal Standard explores with curiosity, without uncertainty, capturing the whole spectrum of opportunities and potential of an innovative way of communicating.

The second stage of the Together World Tour will arrive in Berlin on June 16 at 12.00, offering half an hour of exploration to discover the multifaceted identity of the city together with exceptional guests: Sir David Chipperfield, the founders of Studio GRAFT, Hartmut Dorgerloh, CEO of the Humboldt Forum Foundation and Roberto Palomba, Ideal Standard's chief design officer. To find out more and register for the event: The platform is always available with new content, updated periodically, and it is also possible to watch the video relating to the first stage in Milan and, from June 16, also that of Berlin. The event will adopt a unique approach to combine cultural trends, lifestyle, architecture and design, offering the opportunity to discover new collections and reveal exclusive content.