A selection of tasteful gifts: sweet, traditional and contemporary proposals, with unmistakable packaging that decorate the table and the home if placed under the Christmas tree

There is something irresistible in the choice of sweets to give at Christmas, which goes far beyond the selection of the palate. It's the moment when you get lost among packages and packages, chosen not only because they are remarkable to taste but also to observe (and keep). Small precious things therefore, which, thanks to a well-kept, resistant and sometimes signature packaging, dress up the home even after the holidays.

From the most classic panettone to the iconic bon bon boxes, we have selected seven refined sweet proposals to give as gifts at Christmas which will therefore be appreciated for the quality of workmanship and selection of the raw material, mastery in pastry making tradition and care for the packaging in which they are presented.

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Sant Ambroeus biscuits

Iconic in the city and overseas, for over eighty years the "Sant Ambroeus Biscuits" have represented a sweet symbol of Sant Ambroeus restaurants. Because they are handmade, produced using only traditional Italian ingredients and without preservatives and because they are irresistibly packaged in tin boxes with the unmistakable shade of Sant Ambroeus pink, wrapped in a refined fabric ribbon.

They can be purchased at the Sant Ambroeus pastry shop and online.

They cost: €44.00

Fornasetti panettone

For the fourth consecutive year Fornasetti entrusts the Davide Longoni bakery with the creation of its panettone according to a traditional recipe: candied raisins, orange peel and citron are accompanied by the unmistakable taste of saffron , added to the mixture in pistils. To enhance the taste, the cylindrical box made with embossed paper decorated with some of the most famous themes of the Milanese Atelier. Along the entire circumference we can recognize a classic architectural decoration by Fornasetti, which allows a glimpse of a starry sky from the openings of the arches made even more evocative by the intense blue color of the background. The protagonist of the packaging lid is Fornasetti's muse Lina Cavalieri, whose face takes on the appearance of a celestial body that illuminates the vault.

It can be purchased at Fornasetti stores in Milan and London, at Harrods, in Davide Longoni stores and on the Fornasetti website.


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The Cabana x Giacomo Milano panettone

Presented in a precious tin with floral motifs designed by Cabana, this panettone comes from a traditional recipe by Giacomo Pasticceria, with over thirty hours of leavening natural and a delicious filling of chopped gianduja.

It is on sale online and from Giacomo Pasticceria, in Milan.

Cost: €50.00

Dolce&Gabbana Panettone

Dolce&Gabbana with the Pasticceria Fiasconaro offers the typical Milanese panettone revisited with the aromas of Sicily, in a mix of tradition and experimentation.

The unmistakable expressive signature of Dolce&Gabbana then dresses the tin packaging, which in addition to preserving the flavors of the dessert, promotes well-known Sicilian artists: the bright colors and the subjects, inspired by the decorative motifs of the Sicilian cart and the characters from the puppet opera, make these containers precious collector's items.

It is on sale online and in stores.

Cost: €45.00 (1 Kg)

PanVegan, the vegan alternative designed by Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone for Soulgreen

Exclusively for Soulgreen, Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone offers PanVegan panettone, a limited edition of the most famous Christmas dessert, made without milk and eggs. Highly selected ingredients are carefully processed in order to obtain a strictly artisanal panettone like in the past.

Packaged entirely by hand, PanVengan was born from the wisdom of the Master Pastry Chefs of the Cova Pasticceria and from the culinary philosophy of the Soulgreen restaurant. Furthermore, PanVegan is part of the Soulgreen Christmas Project initiatives linked to the Charity Proud to Give Back program: for every PanVegan sold, 5 euros are donated to Mission Bambini.

Cost: €42.00 (1kg)

The Pandoro Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino

For Christmas, Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino offers a soft pandoro in the one kilo format accompanied by elegant tin packaging with a colored vertical canneté motif gold, recurring in the Armani world of Interior Design and interrupted by the central 'GA' logo. To complete the package, the recycled grosgrain ribbon with intense green vertical ribbing and logo printed in gold foil, in a play of sumptuous contrasts.

Pandoro Armani/Dolci is produced according to the traditional recipe, based on slow natural leavening, and all the ingredients, from flour to milk, from eggs to butter, yeast, are of natural origin, fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and dyes.

It can be purchased online, on the e-shop Armani/Dolci.

Cost: €43.00 (1 kg)

The Carlo Cracco limited edition packaging for Zacapa

The fine Guatemalan distillate and the famous chef offer a limited edition which contains in an elegant package a bottle of Zacapa Centenario 23 and a special panettone signed Carlo Cracco, in which the notes of the appreciated rum meet the iconic Christmas dessert revisited with dark chocolate icing, cherries and almonds.

Sophisticated on the palate and elegant in packaging, it combines the typical flavors of Guatemala with the mastery of Italian haute cuisine.

The Carlo Cracco x Zacapa limited edition is on sale on the dedicated e-shop.

Cost: €96.00

The Pandoro PizzAut via Cortilia

Tasty, beautiful, but also good. In all senses. The PizzAut pandoro can be purchased on the Cortilia website: all profits from the sale will be donated to PizzAut, to support the training and employment of girls and boys with autism spectrum disorders.

Cost: €24.01 (per kg)

The new 'Scotch' panettone from Pasticceria Flamigni

With a tradition of almost a century, Pasticceria Flamigni, active since 1930, offers a revisited version of the most classic of Christmas desserts: the 'Scotch' panettone, filled with whiskey cream and covered with caramel white chocolate (without sultanas and candied citrus fruits).

The package with the characteristic red tartan motif is suitable as a gift to be placed under the tree and to be kept once opened to be reused as a letter holder, desk organizer or, why not, herbal tea holder.

It can be found in the pastry shop and in the Flamigni shop.

Cost: €33.00