No remorse for an escape into fantasy universes. This is what happens when the project indulges in art and fashion

Maybe we need to dream a little after a year like this. Shuffling the cards and hybridizing genres and disciplines is the most fun way to do it right. Design and art, design and fashion, decoration and architecture. We are looking for roads that lead out of here, into a world that is a bit fairytale, a bit magical, where everything is fine. It is a balm for fearful hearts. And perhaps there is a need to go outside the box and allow yourself to deconstruct the rigorous design building, for brief forays into different worlds. The décor, the luxury, the handcrafted detail that turns out to be an antidote to the cold functionality of technology.

Here we want to talk about fine art, contemporary art, reinterpretations and inventions of worlds out of the ordinary.

The paths, known and unknown, of imagination and fairytale have been chosen by many brands. “It is an invitation to explore an intimate dimension” explains Marco Morandini, Visionnaire art director. “The proximity between art and furniture is the hallmark of the brand”. The Milanese showroom is a different place than usual, with a bistro, an exhibition space and a gallery, the Wunderkammer which hosts the exhibitions of young artists followed by Morandini. “It is a passion that builds fruitful dialogues and inspires the Visionnaire collections. Sometimes we totally rely on artists and let them design fine art works, almost unique pieces ”explains the curator. "For this Designer's Week we are hosting Paolo Leonardo, a Turin artist who works on ancient nude photos". The setting recalls the interiors of the early twentieth century, a small escape from the pandemic metropolis...

Wallpaper lends itself to flights of fancy. The new Londonart collection is called The Daydreamer, in fact. It is designed by Giopagani, a craftsman / artist who habitually explores modern parallels arising from his aesthetic and artistic research. Color experimentation and material brushstrokes are inspiration for contemporary décor. Giopagani's language is eclectic and full of imagination. The perception of surfaces plays with perspectives and patterns that repeat themselves without ever looking the same.

Inspired by the Renaissance imagery and the invention of fairy tale micro presences, Ginori 1735 presents the new Arcadia collection, designed by fashion designer Orazio Stasi. Arcadia is a perfectly happy, reassuring world where nothing bad can happen. It's a gentle tribute to lightheartedness. Thus flowers with eyes, mustachioed plants, seahorses, angels and devils scattered here and there populate the harmony of Italian gardens designed on plates, trays, cups and teapots with lightness and delicacy.

And finally, fashion and luxury brands such as Bentley Home and Trussardi Casa. And of course Versace Home. The golds and friezes of the Milanese maison are combined with decorations inspired by a luxuriant, rich nature. An abundant and inexhaustible garden of Eden reproduced on porcelain collections, on homewear details, on underwear and, if desired, on boxing gloves and skateboards. A total look brought to its excessive and courageous expression, in which the attention to detail is an expression of the extraordinary craftsmanship of Made in Italy. Extraordinary that is also found in the atmosphere of the new showroom in via Durini. The highlight of 2021 is the Versace Venus armchair, a tribute to the ready-to-wear of the fashion collection.