A lamp cleverly interprets a lighting classic by transforming it into an interplay of colours and materials

There is a thought-provoking game that often sits on desks, inspired by Newton's Pendulum. A series of small metal balls hanging from a small support: just lift one and release it for a hypnotic perpetual motion to be triggered. Alfonso Femia must have one on his work table because the BeTwo lamp for iGuzzini is openly inspired by the small leisure object.

A simple form

A pendant lamp, first of all, then also declined to surface and up&down. A simple form, easily interpreted as a decorative ensemble composed of several pieces, but also capable of living on its own as a discreet lighting object. "BeTwo is a game," says Femia. "The system hangs extremely lightly and the elements, as well as being fixed individually and punctually, can then compose an articulated game of dimensions and heights".

Intelligent design

BeTwo is an example of intelligent design of a classic, minimalist object. The solution is in the assembly: Femia has imagined two cylindrical elements to be combined in a monochrome or two-tone version, joined by a slightly recessed central ring, which the designer calls a 'void' marking the transition between two materials or two colours. Or simply a dynamic interruption of the geometric form.

A light suitable for every space

The idea is to work on the thread of a formal hybridisation that makes BeTwo a light suitable for every space, in the sign of an interior trend that aims at less defined environments in terms of functions. This is the strategic and design perimeter that has given life to Living Vibes, the new residential and hospitality collection by iGuzzini. Bringing vibrancy and movement with a practically infinite compositional possibility is the design knot from which a passe-partout object is born that overcomes aesthetic anonymity and is combined with one of the most advanced and intelligent lighting technologies.

Led for visual well-being

Another fundamental point, above all, when it comes to iGuzzini, is the optics chosen for BeTwo. Opti Diamond is the cadillac of lighting options, transforming LED into a perfect light source designed for the visual well-being of any environment. Developed in-house by the brand, it exploits a technology called catadioptric, which is normally the preserve of high-performance instruments such as navigation lights and telescopes. It emits a glare-free, soft light that can be easily managed from a smartphone to both brighten and adjust the output according to the number of people in the room.