IGuzzini returns to Light + Building after 6 years with a stand designed to celebrate lighting know-how in all its forms

An iGuzzini light experience is an exciting event. One of those few occasions when you can immerse yourself in the work of design and technological research in an all-embracing and amazing way. Studio Geza and Maurici Gines are well aware of this, and together they designed the iGuzzini stand for Light + Building 2024, the former for the exhibit part and the latter for the lighting scenography.

Their work has been built around a series of synaesthetic islands in which the iGuzzini world is recreated in its main areas of expertise. In the evolving context of the brand, light permeates every living and relational space: private or collective, in workplaces as in those dedicated to art, up to the home and hospitality. Light+Building 2024 is an opportunity to express this transversal design concept in every form.

The return of iGuzzini at Light + Building

The leading lighting brand participates in the 2024 fair in Frankfurt after six years of absence. Cristiano Venturini, CEO iGuzzini: "We return to Light+Building aware of the importance of the lighting show worldwide and convinced that we will confirm ourselves as one of the reference points of our sector. We will do so with an evolved image, in some ways revolutionised, that takes into account the development and changes of society, creating a unique proposal on the market where iGuzzini DNA, history and future intertwine.

"iGuzzini presents light that becomes smart, intelligent and offers solutions to make people's lives better, more sustainable and fulfilling, wherever they are. Culture of light and its roots, design, imagination, research and continuous innovation are the ingredients that allow the visitor in Frankfurt to experience something different, inside and outside the iGuzzini stand, completely reinvented for the event".

What we will see on the iGuzzini stand

Speaking of evolved brand image, Cristiano Venturini refers to a new way of communicating light. Because lighting is changing very rapidly, integrating more and more technology both for the user experience and to manage in a simpler, more precise and sustainable way quality, quantity and comfort in single rooms as in more complex architectures. The new iGuzzini brand identity is marked by the new pay off: Light that moves, to underline a dynamic attitude in light design, which insists on the relationship between man and technology in a frame of well-being and great design freedom.

The design by Maurici Gines

The entrance to the stand is announced by a sinuous eye-shaped structure composed of 154 Light Shed Linen, a biophilic variant of the Light Shed system that encapsulates the present and future vision of the brand. The eye that welcomes the visitor represents the point of view of light according to iGuzzini, but also the individual, subjective view that everyone has of the things and spaces around them. Light is designed to include smart tech contents in a space that is imagined to be undivided in its functions and in the relationship between man and nature: from living to working, from intimacy to collectivity.

Three evanescent and permeable micro-architectures, capable of communicating inside as well as outside the stand, stage as many astounding site-specific installations, without neglecting the educational part that serves to fully understand the application potential of each product.

An organic vision of light

The exhibit design enhances the application areas of iGuzzini products: Culture, Working, Hospitality&Living, Contract, Urban and Infrastructures. But the project does not aim to segment the application areas in a defined way. If anything, the path highlights an organic vision, without unalterable categorisations, to encourage people to look at light in a totally free way, with a different humanistic and technological sensitivity.

Intelligent and responsive light

The new products are designed to be easily manageable with wireless and wired technologies and to promote the exchange and use of data within the space. Light adapts autonomously as necessary to natural lighting. But above all, 'connected light' means, for example, having up-to-date occupancy data, receiving push notifications on smartphones, using indoor navigation services. And integrating speakers and cameras into the luminaires.

Products at Light + Building

Among the 2024 novelties at Light+Building the focus is on Filorail and Sipario. Filorail is a revolutionary typological innovation, the thinnest electrified track presented to date. The aim is to camouflage its presence on the surface, to make the technical parts invisible so as not to interrupt the visual fluidity of the architectural design. Filorail low voltage has 3.6 millimetre micro connections to which the Newfo, Libera pendant, Palco LV, Robin, Laser Blade XS and Laser lighting systems can be attached. A family destined to expand to bring the optics and quality of iGuzzini light into any environment without altering the visual whole of the space.

Sipario is a new professional spotlight inspired by the technological and formal solutions of high-precision optical instruments. A profile that widens at its extreme, designed to accommodate a triple Optibeam technology: lenses, reflectors and refractors. The different optical modules can be added and overlapped to obtain different effects and apertures. iGuzzini is working on a low voltage version and spot profilers and beamer projectors, with the idea of transforming Sipario into a complete product family. The last fundamental detail: the assembly and customisation of the spot is simplified and convenient. The push&go coupling system is activated by a single lever to prevent the optical elements and numerous accessories from falling off. A hook-and-loop bag holds everything you need to avoid clutter and unnecessary movement.