MaMa Design designs Sky Lift, the lift where light is the protagonist

Designed by the MaMa Design studio for IGV Group, Sky Lift is the first cabin capable of interacting with the circadian rhythm and positively impacting human well-being thanks to a technology that allows the lighting to vary with the passing of the day, revealing tones cold in the morning and taking on the warm amber shades of sunset in the evening. Sky Lift is a time capsule made of Corian, in which space is defined through pure and soft shapes, smooth, without corners and shadows; chosen for its tactile pleasantness, this material also has many advantages in terms of cleaning and sanitization.

At a glance

What is it?
An elevator for residential and contract use.
What its design concept?
The man is at the center of the cabin: the lighting, based on the circadian rhythm, varies with the passing of the day, revealing cold tones in the morning and taking on the warm amber shades of sunset in the evening.
How is it made and where?
A single solid and monochromatic material defines Sky Lift, Corian. Chosen for its tactile pleasantness, it also has advantages in terms of cleaning and sanitization: the non-porous surface prevents the absorption of impurities, as well as inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria. It is a hygienic, aseptic and decontaminable material, certified according to the international standard Din En Iso 846, which is used in healthcare, food and laboratory contexts. Furthermore, the mechanical characteristics of Corian make it thermoformable and this has made it possible to create a booth with continuous surfaces, without edges, joints and seals that facilitate cleaning operations, underlining also in this case what IGV Group has achieved with the Care project.
What makes it special?
The protagonist of Sky Lift is the light obtained thanks to an innovative nano-technology system that IGV Group has been able to implement in the project, proving to be able to anticipate the future. The exclusive lighting system, in fact, reproduces the effect of a zenith solar beam that seems to naturally enter space through a virtual opening in the ceiling: the sun, realistic and not dazzling, is surrounded by a clear, intense blue sky. The colors and textures of the cabin surfaces are enhanced and a soft luminosity diffuses into the space.