Fortskrida is the new IKEA textile collection to furnish with style contributing to a more sustainable future

Consisting of pillow covers, curtains and bright and colorful tablecloths, Fortskrida is the new IKEA  textile collection made from 100% recycled materials: with 30 plastic bottles and 2 pairs of jeans it is possibile to produce 10 square meters of fabric. “It's not always easy to recycle fabrics because they are often a mix of different materials, but if you can, it's worth it. For each kilogram of recycled cotton, we save 2,000 liters of water compared to what would happen if we used new cotton” says Luca Clerici of IKEA Italy, involved in the development of Fortskrida. “45% of the collection is made of PET bottles and 55% of denim. The recycled plastic is used to reinforce the cot-ton fibers; without it, the fabric would not be able to withstand daily wear.” About 12 pairs of old jeans and 160 recycled one-liter PET bottles find new life into 100 Fortskrida pillow covers.

At a glance

What is it?
Fortskrida is the new IKEA textile collection. Produced in a limited edition and available in Italy from April, it is made exclusively of recycled materials.
What its design concept?
The story of the collection stems from the idea that our homes tell who we are and speak through objects and furnishings: colors and shapes but also materials, which can be very noble fibers even though they come from waste elements.
How and where is it manufactured?
The Fortskrida collection consists of PET bottles and denim. In the first phase of the process, the plastic is washed and transformed into small pellets, while the jeans are frayed to become soft bales of fabric. Then the two materials are joined and spun on looms.
What makes it special?
A collection with a green soul, in line with IKEA's goal of becoming a circular business and using only renewable and recycled materials by 2030, Fortskrida is perfect for bringing a summer and sunny atmosphere into our homes while preserving the planet.