Kartell by Laufen is a bathroom collection that combines the best qualities of two international brands. Flexibility, color and lightness in a contemporary setting

It is a happy partnership between Laufen and Kartell, which defines an atypical design typology: the modular and flexible bathroom. Sanitary ware are always systems that relate to architecture, to interior design hardware. Laufen tries to undermine this idea, at least visually, thanks to an extraordinary compositional flexibility. Starting from the materials, which allow unexpected virtuosity on the thicknesses and corners of the bathroom fixtures. The result suggests simplicity, essentiality.

The ideal counterpoint to Sound-Rack cabinets and drawer units, which introduce an idea of​contemporaneity and compositional freedom typical of Kartell's visual and design heritage. In fact, the idea is to go beyond the boundaries of functionality, of the bathroom as a service place, to embrace the idea of a space that expresses personality through a series of eclectic elements. Lightness seems to be the key word.

Lightness in the color choices, proposed in blocks of compact pastel tones that define the environment with linear geometric shapes. The ocher, mustard yellow and blue gray colors will be added to the catalog in 2021, to be freely combined to build a bathroom for your own use and consumption, easy to break down and reassemble in infinite variations. Kartell by Laufen is an extremely complete and integrated collection for the bathroom: it consists not only of bathroom fixtures, sinks, taps, shower trays and bathtubs - fixed and essential elements - but also of furniture and furnishing accessories, thanks to which the scenario can change continuously.

The goal is to reconstruct the very idea of ​space to fit the new habits of living. The house must have the transformative and nomadic quality of contemporary life and Laufen, together with Kartell, answers these key questions with the savoir-faire of two historic brands capable of adapting and innovating their production types. A continuous evolution, which works on updating colors and textures, but also on finishing materials. The taps also play an important role within the collection. With a formal reflection that focuses on the balance of rigor and gentleness of the curves and joints, an ideal counterpoint to the simplicity of large and essential bathroom fixtures.

Finally, transparency. An unusual presence, which retraces some of Kartell's historical experiments and spontaneously dialogues with the bathroom. In this case the whole becomes a sophisticated, contemporary choice, which plays with a different perception of the accessories and wall units and gives a strong meaning to the choice of materials and their functionality within the space. The accessories dialogue and integrate perfectly with the ceramics and containers, bringing a touch of lightness to the bathroom, thanks to the transparency of the various modular and modular elements.