Borderline is the modular and customisable collection designed by Carlo Colombo

The bathroom is no longer just and simply 'the bathroom'. True, it remains the ultimate garrison of intimacy, but it has changed, continues to change.... Designed as a room so large that it often encompasses the space around it, it has turned into a hybrid place (bathroom-sitting room, bathroom-library, for example). In France, it has always been salle de bains, with an aura of a place that goes beyond its usual uses. And then, large freestyle bathtubs in the middle of the room in spaces interpreted as living spaces that integrate different styles, achieving remarkable results in terms of both design and functionality.

Once upon a time there was a bathroom...

So, you could say, 'once upon a time there was the bathroom'. There is also now, but no longer a reduced space enclosed by a constrictive, exclusively functional enclosure incapable of enhancing the light and atmosphere within. Today, bathroom means taking care of oneself: soul, body and heart. The bathroom is home and person, as is everything else in the home. It becomes a personal and sensory experience.

Technique and emotions

Making a difference between a bright and cosy living room, an intimate and cosy bedroom and a bathroom is an exercise that finds no easy solutions in contemporary interior design. The problem requires a serious and responsible application of not only technical, but emotional and imaginative rules.

Quality and excellence

Borderline (in its original meaning of borderline) is the new antoniolupi bathroom furniture collection that synthesises all this, starting from the fact that its shapes and materials tell of an enveloping and reassuring universe. The construction of an innovative thought takes place around a design traced with passion, concretising values and emotions linked with the roots of an ancient and precious craftsmanship.

One and multiple

Borderline's modularity, which is never rigid and concluded, but dynamic and susceptible to almost infinite customisation possibilities, proves capable of responding to multiple needs.

Sizes, colours, finishes

The unique quality of the workmanship combined with the possibility of choosing sizes, colours and finishes make Carlo Colombo's design a sartorial collection of excellence. The furniture communicates a universe of values and founding principles in which quality becomes the common thread, capable of stimulating a world of intimate and archaic sensations, of rituals that are repeated over time, of habits that are transformed in the sign of continuity.