The house returns to the center of priorities. The kitchen confirms itself as a central place for preparing healthier food, having fun and feeling reassured by increasingly multifunctional and interactive appliances. In this panorama, Elica is increasingly connected to new trends

The house is back at the center of the priorities of the Italians as confirmed by the research The new beginning for Italy and the Italians conducted by Nomisma for Coop. From the data that emerged, 53% of respondents intend to review their priorities in life, 43% want to make informed decisions, considering the impact they will produce and 46% declare they want to renovate their homes and furnishings, transforming them into increasingly technological places and making your home modern, efficient and sustainable. Also Nomisma, in the 2021 research The coming year confirms that 35% of Italians will dedicate more time to home dinners with friends, 27% to family and 23% to DIY and do-it-yourself.

In this renewed awareness of the importance of feeling good, food, the preparation of homemade dishes and the places that surround daily life have taken on a leading role. Even before the pandemic, 70% of meals in Europe were eaten at home, a trend that is destined to grow, as is the number of people who have fun experimenting in the kitchen: 36% of consumers interviewed said they cook much more and entertain yourself with new recipes and suggestions.

If cooking in a healthy way is now more than ever part of our culture, at the same time having the correct tools can facilitate the experience in the kitchen. 16% of those interviewed in the same research support this thesis with an indispensable aspect linked to technology and design that are always present in consumer habits. The kitchen, enriched with new features but with a heart linked to tradition, has become the most important room in the house, where everyone expresses their way of life and where the furnishings are shaped by the vision of conviviality increasingly encouraged by the kitchens open to the living.

The NikolaTesla range of hobs with integrated extraction is Elica's response to the need for style, performance and ease of use. NikolaTesla is the solution for those who, even in the kitchen, choose the thrill of surpassing themselves in ambitious recipes, without worrying about unpleasant odors.

Nikola Tesla Fit, the latest addition to the line, is the hob designed not to give up excellence in compact environments. NikolaTesla Switch, has an aspirating heart hidden inside the top that can be activated with a simple gesture. NikolaTesla Libra combines three appliances in one becoming three times revolutionary: it cooks, vacuums and weighs thanks to the integrated scale. NikolaTesla Flame, is the first gas extractor hob on the market. The design challenge was to find the right balance between the tradition of the flame and the innovation of an integrated suction system, suction is simple and immediate. NikolaTesla Prime is the hob with integrated suction made unique by the balance between aesthetic and functional details, equipped with four independent cooking zones, hidden by the black tempered glass, while the cast iron grill is positioned in the center, where the suction heart is located. .

Last, but not least, NikolaTesla One, winner of the Compasso D'Oro award, an exclusive goal for functionality integrated with beauty and innovation. Elica's experience in air treatment has merged into this break trough product, obtaining the best result in terms of both induction and suction performance.

The entire range has the innovative high performance long life filters, patented by Elica, which guarantee filtering thresholds higher than 80%, compared to the market average of 60% and which can be regenerated for up to 5 years while respecting the environment.