The Green&Blue Room, a new project by ACPV Architects for the brand's Milan exhibition space, explores the contract world that brings together materials and colours, traditional ceramics and high-tech stoneware

True well-being only exists if it is shared. The architecture/building binomial represents one of the most polluting sectors in the world but, at the same time, it is one of the most important levers for improving the quality of life in closed environments, guaranteeing greater comfort: thermal, acoustic, visual, respiratory. We need to learn how to measure: emissions, consumption, building performance; we need to learn to distinguish between green and non-green buildings, a difference which impacts on costs but also on people. "In accordance with the law" is not always synonymous with "done well", which is why it is important to have responsible designers and companies working together to design shared comfort, a central theme which unites the work of ACPV Architects and the Marazzi corporate philosophy.

The Green&Blue Room

During Milan Design Week 2023, Marazzi presented The Green&Blue Room, a new project by ACPV Architects for the exhibition space in Via Borgogna 2 in Milan. An installation that explores the world of contract and brings together traditional ceramics, very large slabs, velvet, bronze, porcelain and ceramic sculptures in a rich mix of materials in which stoneware takes centre stage.

Shared well-being

On the shelves, made of Burgundy Green stoneware, a collection of vases, teapots, sculptures and books dedicated to the ritual of tea in different cultures, refers to welcome, conviviality, and the search for harmony in living spaces through the use of sustainable and safe materials. The Green&Blue Room is a space created to generate shared well-being.

Textures and colours

"The Green&Blue Room creates an intimate and cosy ambience," explains architect Patricia Viel. "A refined tea room, characterised by a colour palette of soft tones. The counter (with elegant lines, finished in bronze, made of the marble-effect stoneware that is also found on the flooring, bar wall and tables) is combined with the new Crogiolo Confetto collection, in a mix of textures and colours."

Ancient and eclectic material

Small and large formats become a design tool to create colour correspondences and material contrasts between surfaces and volumes, in a contrast of glossy and matt, high-tech stoneware and handcrafted ceramics. "The project," continues Viel, "shows the extreme versatility of ceramic materials, which have now reached an unprecedented degree of development and adaptability. An ancient and eclectic material, ceramics opens up ample space for future research and development to meet ever-changing needs, while maintaining elegance and beauty."

The beauty of ceramics

The new Crogiolo Confetto collection, fruit of Marazzi's research and technological innovation and the care and attention typical of craftsmanship, rediscovers the beauty of authentic ceramic with its velvety matt surface in 12 colours. Used for walls and furnishing elements in blue and khaki green, it alternates bricks and 3D Savoiardo structures, emphasising volumes and the hand-made effect.

Tailor-made options

Thanks to its minimalist and refined design, Confetto contrasts harmoniously with the glossy and opaque stoneware of the extra-large Marble Look slabs, chosen in the colour Burgundy Green in a satin version for the floor and in a glossy version for the table and counter tops. The extra-large stoneware slabs, in addition to guaranteeing high technical performance, allow the realisation of tailor-made options for residential and commercial spaces.